This is a very powerful video.

If somehow the video doesn’t work, just google “Any Given Sunday Al Pacino Pre-Game Speech.”   Powerful.  Watch it.  Take it to heart.  Fight for those inches.

Add to it these words by Martin Luther King:  “If you can’t fly, run.  If you can’t run, walk.  If you can’t walk, crawl.  But by all means, keep moving.”

Fight inch by inch for your recovery. We’re all in this together. Depend on and encourage each other. We can each get where we want if we’re willing to do whatever it takes minute by minute inch by inch!

All of us can personally commit to moving forward inch by inch if we have to.  And we can commit to all the other R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Women determined to moving forward inch by inch.  Join us.  Let’s be a team that moves forward  together whatever it takes….