“Tension comes from not knowing the outcome.” ~ Randy Harris

Facing Crisis

I recently came across some notes I took from a lecture by Randy Harris at a Christian conference where I was presenting on divorce recovery. His talk centered around the subject of peace. 

The big question I left asking myself was: “Does being a Christian give me the ability to go through a crisis such as divorce or the death of a loved one, and still have inner peace?”

Peace & Grief

The fact of the matter is that no human being is peaceful 100% of the time. Even Christ himself turned over tables in the temple in rage, and didn’t shrink away from calling out hypocrites.

Going through a midlife divorce should evoke emotions like distress and anger. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t grieve. But it does mean you can find peace again after the mourning.


So where does this peace after divorce come from? Randy argued that the reality of not knowing how things will turn out is often what destroys our serenity.

The truth is, that we can never know precisely how the day-to-day details of our life will unfold. Too many variables can affect what happens. Too many things come up that we never would have expected. Things like our divorce.

Where My Peace Comes From

Through the struggle of my divorce I have learned how big God’s love for me is, and that gives me the strength to trust Him with my life. I can live with peace no matter what life throws my way, because I know how things will turn out in the end. I may not know what my tomorrow will look like, but I know what my eternity does.

If you are a Christian, take heart in the truth that the ultimate outcome of our lives is secure, so it doesn’t matter if the daily details are in constant flux. God can and will bring good from even the most desperate circumstances, in this life or the next.

If you can live in belief of that, after divorce peace will find its way back into your heart. Don’t give your circumstances the power to destroy your peace and joy!

“And the peace I give you is not like the peace of the world, fleeting and insecure, but a peace that stands through all things.” ~ The Gospel of John

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