“A seriously neglected aspect of the art of appreciation is the habit of noticing.” ~David Dunn, Try Giving Yourself Away

I love old bookstores. One of my favorite things about used bookstores is that I can often find little surprises that are full of great wisdom (for a ridiculously low price too, of course.)

One such book I return to often is called “Try Giving Yourself Away.” The book jacket reads: “A cheerful, heartening book which sets forth a hundred simple things that you can do to make your life much happier … and to make the world around you a better place to live … starting right away.”

The chapter I read this morning is about noticing. In particular, it is about noticing the small ways that we can contribute to the happiness and well-being of others.

Today, let’s all try noticing when the cashier at the grocery store is doing a particularly good job, or when he is dealing with a long line of complaining customers. Compliment your waitress on her efforts, instead of adding to her woes. Or notice a piece of trash on the sidewalk that you can pick up and throw away.

All of our small efforts add up! Notice the good, small things and the good people around you today, and tell them you appreciate what they are doing. Notice the small annoyances and do something to correct them rather than complain about them. I think you’ll agree that it makes “your life much happier … and makes the world around you a better place to live … starting right away.”  Let’s all try it.

“Who dares despise the day of small things …?”  ~  Zachariah 4:10a (NIV)