Okay, where do I start?  First with an apology that there have been no Midlife Divorce Recovery blogs the last few days and a couple of the orders have been late getting mailed.  Also, I need more eye pillows again for the Divorce Survival Kit.  (Thank you for your patience!)

Here’s why I’m behind.  For the last almost three years my son Grady, who lives in New York, has been helping me with finances, operations and the technology part of Midlife Divorce Recovery — which is a lot!  In fact, he’s become indispensable.  I don’t know how to do some of the things he’s been taking care of.  For the last month, he’s also been studying for Part III of the Chartered Financial Analyst exams.  (June 7).

And then, one more thing … he got married last Wednesday, May 28!  Yes.  He and his bride (Cristina  — from Spain) got married  …. and not only that, they got married without the women who gave them life and brought them into this world at the wedding!

Grady had called me the week before and let me talk about new members and orders and family stuff, and then he just said … “Well, Cristina and I are going to the courthouse to get married on Wednesday!”  Their relationship had been deepening the last few months, and they just decided to go ahead and get married.

Since Cristina’s family is mostly in Spain (and would not be able to attend), and we have a whole slew of people on our side, they decided to have a small ceremony on their own.  A cool thing happened, though, when Grady’s older brother and his wife decided to fly up from Kansas City and surprise him and stand up with the bride and groom at the ceremony.  It was perfect.

They all went to dinner with some close friends the night before, and then had a nice breakfast with champagne after the wedding.  They spent the night at a hotel in New York City.  Grady will take his test on the 7th, then they are flying to Spain to meet her family.  They will fly back to the U.S. and meet all of our family at our annual trek to Wyoming to fish/camp/hike in the high lakes of the Snowy Mountain Range.

I’m excited about the whole thing!  I think it’s cool and romantic that the two of them decided what they wanted and just did it!  I have some pictures I will try to send, but don’t know if they will come through or not.  I don’t have access to some of my favorite shots yet, but will send them as I get them. I love the one on this blog … (Aren’t they cute?!)

Thanks for allowing me to brag a bit.  I’m so proud of Grady, and I can’t wait to get to know my new daughter-in-law, Cristina.

Keep the faith.  Love is alive and well!