” … being young is great, but being yourself is better.” ~ Veronique Vienne, The Art of Imperfection: Simple Ways To Make Peace With Yourself

Distorted Reality

Many of our wasbands most likely had a relationship with a younger woman. Some, a little younger. Others, our daughter’s age. So it is understandable that many of us are left wishing we were younger, because… just maybe, that was why he left.

After my divorce I would look in the mirror and see not my fun, sort of funky self, but my old, tired frumpy self. Even though it wasn’t reality, it was a reflection of how I was feeling about myself. Wishing we were younger doesn’t help our physical appearance and it certainly doesn’t help our outlook on life or our enthusiasm about the day.

Embrace Yourself, Exactly As You Are

It doesn’t help to try to act or dress 20 years younger than we are. I once read an article in the Wall Street Journal written by an image consultant that said something to the effect that, if you are 50-years-old and trying to look 30, you are probably going to end up looking older than 50.

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Instead of wasting your efforts trying to turn back the clock, (which by the way, is impossible) concentrate on maximizing who you are. No matter what your age, appreciating the strong, capable, fun, vibrant, wise, wild woman you are is the first step to being able to smile at the world, regardless of how hard it is.

Celebrate YOU

Today, celebrate yourself for the wonderful and unique individual that you are. Smile! Laugh! God made you exactly as you are, and you can continue to transform into a more beautiful and vibrant woman with each passing day (and year). Living with joy and seeing each day as a gift pushes any worry about our age into the background… where it should be!

“Charm can be deceptive and beauty doesn’t last, but a woman who fears and reverences God shall be greatly praised.” ~ Proverbs 31: 30 (The Living Bible)