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The MasterPlan Divorce Recovery Program

Everything You Need To Stop The Hurt Of Divorce And Start The Healing.

Survive | Rediscover | Grow

If you are serious about getting better, the MasterPlan divorce recovery program will help you get there faster and with fewer tears.

We will show you how to stop the videos in your head, how to get up in the morning with purpose, how to create a new dream to replace the old “dream” you feel you lost.

We know you are still hurting. You may feel stuck in the healing journey. You may still want your old life back, and are probably still working on accepting the finality of this.

The good news is  – that’s where we all started!

Start Your Recovery Today!

Take Your Recovery One Step At A Time

The MasterPlan divorce recovery program breaks down the recovery process into twelve manageable areas of focus.

“Smooth is slow, slow is fast.” – Special Forces Adage

Listen To The Experts

You don’t have to schedule an appointment to hear advice from our divorce recovery program experts.

12 CD’s Of Divorce Advice Directly From The Professionals

You know that time you’re in your car ruminating about stuff as you drive? Listening to songs that make you cry? Or getting riled up with talk radio? We’ve got a better idea!

Use your drive to listen to recovery experts share practical tips and strategies to help you get over your divorce and get on with building your best life moving forward.

These are all professionals, some you would pay $100 – $150 an hour to sit down with face-to-face. (Except the RADiCAL women on the first CD who share real-life insights from the trenches!)

Divorce recovery program also comes with digital files.

Click here to learn more about the interviews

Make The Recovery Personal With The PowerPages

Your chance to do the personal work needed to get the incredible life you deserve.

You Didn’t Think This Was Going To Be Easy Did You?

You have work to do to get through this. And the PowerPages are where that happens.

You have to figure out how you’re going to answer simple questions friends or family ask like “What Happened?”

You have to put together a budget! You have to decide what YOUR new goals are going to be!

We help you through the process, but you have to engage and do the work necessary to move forward.

Radical Recovery

Transforming The Despair Of Your Divorce Into An Unexpected Good

Suzy’s Book That Started It All

Radical Recovery will shake you out of your lethargy, knock you out of your bitterness, and bounce you out of your self-pity parties. If you want something that is pie-in-the-sky and full of pleasant theories, skip this book. If you want to get better, you have come to the right text.”

-DAN KNIGHT, Minister, Overland Park Church

The RADiCAL Sisterhood

Probably the most important piece of the MasterPlan is the Tribe of Women working right there with you.

An Online Divorce Support Group For Women

In a recent survey, midlife women going through divorce wanted more than anything to find someone to listen …. that’s what the MasterPlan is all about … connecting with other women who will listen and who know how you’re feeling.

The community is an important part of our recovery program.  MDR Community will connect you with other women who understand in a safe and secure place where you can say what you feel and get support for as long as you need it.

Yes those are RADiCAL tattoos!

Learn more about the Online Community

“I want to thank you for your amazing writing.  It makes me grateful to be going through this divorce because I searched for someone to help make sense of my experiences again.  I look forward to each email and pass your words of wisdom on to wise women, whether they are experiencing divorce or not.

There is such a message of personal acceptance, openness to growth and strive to be happy no matter what the marital situation is.  You have really helped me reclaim my joy again.  Thank you for your gift you are willing to share.”


Kitty Chestnut (RADiCAL Stage Name)

Don’t Postpone Your Incredible Life Any Longer!

Start Your Recovery Today



Worried About Your Kids?

For a limited time we are going to include the entire six month Parenting Through Divorce program!

Parenting Through Divorce

The Older Child’s Perspective

This is a six part program that takes you into the mind of your children as you navigate your divorce.

  1. Foundations – Understanding Your Children During Divorce
  2. Tell Your Story – How To Help Your Children & Others Understand The Divorce
  3. Support Resilience – How To Be A Buffer Against Your Child’s Emotional Risks
  4. Health Co-Parenting – How To Be The Effective Co-Parent Your Children Need
  5. Timshel – Making The Decision Your Children Need Most
  6. For The Children – Getting Through The Tornado Of Your Parent’s Divorce

Learn More About Parenting Through Divorce