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We’re here to help you cut down the time, energy, expense, pain and tears in your divorce recovery.


Money and Divorce

An Online Divorce Support Group For Women

Probably the most important piece of the MasterPlan is the Tribe of Women working right there with you.

In a recent survey, midlife women going through divorce wanted more than anything to find someone to listen …. that’s what the MasterPlan is all about … connecting with other women who will listen and who know how you’re feeling.

The community is an important part of our recovery program. MDR Community will connect you with other women who understand in a safe and secure place where you can say what you feel and get support for as long as you need it.

Divorce Advice Directly From The Professionals

Let’s us bring the experts to you. We’ve interviewed the professionals so you don’t have to.

Use your drive time or workout time to listen to 12 recovery experts share practical tips and strategies to help you get over your divorce and get on with building your best life moving forward.

Some of these professionals charge $100 – $150 an hour to sit down with face-to-face.

Suzy’s Book That Started It All

Radical Recovery will shake you out of your lethargy, knock you out of your bitterness, and bounce you out of your self-pity parties. If you want something that is pie-in-the-sky and full of pleasant theories, skip this book. If you want to get better, you have come to the right text.”

-DAN KNIGHT, Minister, Overland Park Church

The Older Child’s Perspective

This is a six part program that takes you into the mind of your children as you navigate your divorce.

  1. Foundations – Understanding Your Children During Divorce
  2. Tell Your Story – How To Help Your Children & Others Understand The Divorce
  3. Support Resilience – How To Be A Buffer Against Your Child’s Emotional Risks
  4. Health Co-Parenting – How To Be The Effective Co-Parent Your Children Need
  5. Timshel – Making The Decision Your Children Need Most
  6. For The Children – Getting Through The Tornado Of Your Parent’s Divorce

12 workbooks to guide you on your way.

You have work to do to get through this. And the PowerPages are where that happens.

You have to figure out how you’re going to answer simple questions friends or family ask like “What Happened?”

You have to put together a budget! You have to decide what YOUR new goals are going to be!

We help you through the process, but you have to engage and do the work necessary to move forward.

Our strategy to get your mornings started with purpose and power!

When faced with divorce, one of the first responses is almost always shock. Oftentimes this leads to ridiculous and unpredictable reactions because we become so overwhelmed with this unexpected, unwanted upheaval in our lives.

Many of us forget the basics of simply starting our day. Eating seems besides the point, washing your hair becomes a non-issue, and so on…

You can only move forward on recovery when you are doing these six things consistently everyday. Use this guide every morning knowing you’re going to start with a purpose and a plan.

Here’s How You’ll Learn to Get Through Your Divorce With Fewer Tears and More Joy

10 Lessons

The following lessons will help you overcome your divorce:

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~ Mary S.

Thank heavens I found you! You cannot imagine how much you are helping me through this midlife event.

~ Sherry D.

The MasterPlan was truly a power-FULL experience. I am excited to roll up my sleeves and jump into my new life!

~ Becky S.


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