Heal faster & survive the pain of divorce with real support and guidance.

MDR’s MasterPlan divorce recovery program & online community was created so you don’t have to struggle alone through divorce.

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A proven methodology

For more than 20 years we’ve perfected a recovery program that’s helped thousands of women through divorce.

Connect with others

Feel a sense of understanding and acceptance by connecting with other women in the trenches with you.

“I first want to thank God for stumbling across your website. I feel like I have “friends” to help me along the new trip I am to take. Hearing from women who have gone through the same process and crazy emotions has made me gear up!”

Lesley A. – Seattle, WA

Learn coping strategies

Learn how to handle the unexpected moments of sadness and anger. Develop strategies to stay strong.

Jackie N

“The MasterPlan made me laugh and it made me cry. It made me look at my life with a clearer vision. Facing reality sucks and was tough. I’ve learned to stop dwelling on the past and look to the future with renewed hope. MDR has changed my life.”

Roesmary W. – Phoenix, AZ

Plan next steps

Gain confidence in what comes next so you can get excited about your new life. Even if you’re scared of starting over.


“I just finished the vision pages exercise and I have come back feeling hopeful, and with a new level of acceptance of my situation and am excited to roll up my sleeves and jump into my new life. “

Nina W. – Chicago, IL

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Get support and connect with others.

Ask questions, share your thoughts, speak freely. Connect with people who understand what you’re going through in the community forums.

You aren’t in this alone. Experience the relief of sharing the thoughts and feelings you might not be able to share with friends and family.

People who understand this is as painful as you think it is.

Often people are done listening way before we’re done talking about our divorce. Not here! We’re here for you 24/7, 365.

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Forum 1

I REALLY love this forum! I have not encountered anyone in my physical sphere who has or is going through this ordeal.

Without the posts of the women here, I would really feel like a total failure and a freak of nature. With all of you and your sharing, I realize I am a part of a growing community of people who are in a club we never wanted to join.

I’m noticing that this club has many members who are very brave, very funny, very kind. Im grateful for this club. It is helping me take a look at what got me here and giving me the strength & courage to begin to look forward.

~ G. S.

MasterPlan Home

Learn how to navigate and overcome divorce.

If anything, divorce is overwhelming and there’s a lot of information floating around out there about how to get over divorce – and most of it probably isn’t helping you.

How many times have your heard friends or family tell you to “just get over it”?

If only it were that easy!

The MasterPlan has an entire content library made for people trying to get through divorce, people like you. You’ll discover all the strategies and tools you’ll need to overcome divorce – AND what to do next.

  • Listen to interviews w/ divorce experts
  • Follow the MasterPlan action items
  • Join a virtual group

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Your program is especially helpful for people that need 24 hr support. There were often times I had bouts of grief in the middle of the night. I could get out my PowerPages, your book or check out the website and go on the community forum.

I needed more encouragement … than seeing a counselor 1-2x a month could provide. Your voice is truthful & not the rabbit trail others can lead you on. You mix in great advice with some humor – that is a gift. Thanks.

~ C. N.

Follow in the footsteps of those before you.

Radical Recovery is the glue that holds it all together. This book is not psycho babble. It’s not a psychologist telling you what you should feel. It’s another woman finally putting your feelings into words no matter how ugly it is.

You’ll realize that you can not only survive this, but can have a wonderful life again.

Whenever you need a boost you can easily access the book on your phone, on your computer, wherever – and even share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

Listen what one Radical sister had to say…

radical recovery transforming the despair of your divorce into an unexpected good suzy brown 378x468 1

“I’ve spent the last week trying to find the words to thank you for playing such a significant role in my recovery. Those two words, ‘thank you’, seem so insignificant.

It was my counselor who told me about your program. The moment I started reading Radical Recovery, I had to keep it with me at all times. For four months, that book was right next to me.

That book saved my life and stopped me from becoming a person I would regret years from now. Because of your program, I have been able to hold my head high and be proud that I never lost sight of the compassionate, kind person I am who found the strength and courage to simply walk away and be the ‘better person.’

I am very grateful that my Dad had been alive to support me through the first year after the discovery of the affair. I remember him constantly saying to me, ‘Do you have the book with you? Read it, Sweetheart, God is with you. Read the book and rest’. See? ‘Thank you’ is not enough.”

~ A. N.

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Get an inside view to what your children are experiencing with Parenting Through Divorce

This 6 part program that comes with the MasterPlan will show you what your children are experiencing and what they most want from you.

  • Get and understanding of your children during divorce.
  • Learn how to tell your story to your children, friends and family.
  • Learn how to be a buffer against your child’s emotional risks.
  • Gain strategies to be a healthy co-parent.
  • We also have a video for the children of divorce as well.

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Please don’t think you have to have all the answers right away. When we first are hit with a cheating husband we’re in shock, and just getting through the day is sometimes all we can do. I read other books on divorce (they all basically say the same thing) and then I came here, which helped so much.

All my friends are married and just can’t relate to my new circumstances. I have the divorce disease. I would definitely listen to Grady’s Parenting Through Divorce to help you help your kids. Just having a safe place to vent is a Godsend. Little gems of truth from the MDR sisters have helped me with my healing – I don’t know where I’d be without them.

I’ve been here for about a year. My marriage was 35 years and I dearly loved the a-hole. I kept thinking he’d realize his mistake and come back. Just recently I realize I don’t really want him back. I always was a late bloomer. Ha. We’ve got your back!

~ J. V.

What women are saying…

“Good morning Grady. I just wanted to say that all your information posted and the video you did with your friend was very helpful to me with my 30 year old. Such real advice was applicable in a slightly different way, even at 30. It was also good to meet you in action. It extended the personal experience, like the phone call did with Suzy. (your mom). Such a professionally run organization and web site. Can’t wait to receive the material. Only being on my own for just over a month, I was in a very dark place and felt hopeless at age 60. After finding you, I am already starting to feel better, that I am not alone with these crazy thoughts and that my life is hopeful. You and your mom are creating a wonderful humanitarian gift to us struggling souls who want to learn and get better…thank you!”

Cheryl M., Austin, TX

“I want to thank you for all of your support over the last year. I am a very different person now and feel much more emotionally stronger. I’ve now finished all the treatments for the second time having breast cancer and have a very positive outlook for the future. One thing I need to work on are my finances. Here in Scotland, if there are no dependents, and even if the wife doesn’t work the husband isn’t legally bound to support her. Due to illness Ive not been able to get work so savings have gone and my home is now sold. I move in Sept. God bless you and thank you again for all your help.

Janine L, Scotland

“Hey all, have any of you signed up for Suzy’s “MasterPlan”?? I did, and it’s been great. This was my final month, so I brought the binder with me and spent most of yesterday and a little this morning going through all 12 sets of PowerPages, answering questions I’d skipped, and re-answering ones that have changed since I did them the first time. It was truly a power-FULL experience!! I have come back feeling hopeful, and at a new level of acceptance of my situation and excited to roll up my slee