“Midnight in Nowhere … could be a million towns …” ~ Brian MacDonald

Lonely Nights

When I first started in my divorce recovery work, I did a radio show called Midnight in Nowhere. The name comes from a song about the grieving of lost love.

When I first was asked to be on the show, I thought they were joking. But in the end I decided to do it because their program is designed for people who can’t sleep due to suffering from sadness after a life-changing loss.

Midnights In Nowhere

I had spent more than a few midnights in nowhere myself during my midlife divorce recovery journey. I remember nights that felt longer than days. I remember tossing and turning for hours, overwhelmed by the loneliness I felt in dark. In those gut-wrenching quiet hours I felt lost, trying desperately to come to grips with my new situation.

God’s Love Never Fails

Despite how truly long and lonely those dark hours may feel, your “mourning can turn to dancing… your crying can turn to joy.”

As hard as it is to believe, your mourning is refining you. It is helping you to discover that there is only one thing which is truly everlasting; God’s love for you. His character is magnificently unchanging, and He will never fail you.

God did not cause your divorce. He created the covenant of marriage to last forever. But, He is a loving God that delights in redeeming brokenness and restoring joy where it has been lost. The morning can be more beautiful than you have ever imagined.

” … weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.”Psalm 30:5 (RSV)

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