“Money can be a huge insulating cushion that can obscure your view of adventure. Money can seduce you into thoughts of scarcity and fear of loss.” ~ SARK, author, artist, child abuse survivor

Financial Uncertainty

We have to have money to live … to pay the bills … to eat … to take care of those we are responsible for. During and after divorce, our finances are in a uproar. Sometimes we lose virtually everything. We may have to live in a motel or a car for awhile. Sometimes, we barely have enough for daily necessities.

Most of us feel financially violated after all we have put into our marriage and our wasband’s successes for all those years. But regardless of the details of the financial agreement we come to, we are almost always left with less than we’re used to. And it feels so uncertain.

Our lack of money causes worry and sleepless nights. And all of this is usually going on while our wasband is thriving financially and he can go on doing what he has always done while we have to figure out how to make ends meet.

Finding Happiness Amidst Financial Struggle

I spent a lot of time being bitter … angry, really, about it all. But you know what? I’ve discovered that worrying about money doesn’t help. Learning how to not worry about money does.

It is important to figure out how we are going to support ourselves. But the real work is in learning how to be joyful regardless of our current financial situation is.

Being mad doesn’t help. Feeling sorry for ourselves doesn’t help. Figuring out what we are going to have to do and then getting started doing it does help. If there is one thing I have learned through my divorce, it is that happiness has very little to do with the amount of money we have. It has more to do with the kind of person we are.

Life’s Real Treasures

In all of my experience and research since my divorce, I have heard many stories of financial struggle; but I have more stories of amazing life lessons learned, spellbinding success stories, and incredible discoveries of new passions. The real treasures of life have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with our personal growth and fulfilling our real purpose on this earth.

God wants us to give up our worry about money. He wants us to be concerned about more important things. He has promised to provide what we need. Believe that, and just for today, give up your worry about your financial situation and start looking for God’s purpose for your life. When you do that, abundance is the promised result.

“You can be sure that God will provide everything you need …” ~ Philippians 4:19a (The Message)

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