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No Apology Necessary

“Positive thinking seems to be mandatory in the breast cancer world, to the point that unhappiness requires a kind of apology.”  ~ Barbara Ehrenreich, Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined

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Welcome to Midlife Divorce Recovery!

  • Are you looking for someone to listen … someone who gets how you feel?
  • Lonely and worried about starting over in the middle of your life?
  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, lonely, worried, angry and afraid?
  • Are you sick of obsessing about him and watching those movies in your mind?
  • Do you want some help in making this as easy as possible for your kids?
  • Do you want to get your best self back? Laugh again? Feel joy and peace? Have a life again?

We’re here to give you the support you need during and after your midlife divorce!

I’m glad you found us. Coping with a divorce at this time in your life sucks. It’s different than divorce at other times. (Kids leaving home, menopause looming, parents needing more care.) It’s unbelievably painful and no one seems to really understand what you’re going through (unless they’ve been there). That’s why we’re here. Hundreds of R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Women (Women – Rising Above Divorce In Confidence And Love) have found what they need here, and you can too.

Our sole purpose At Midlife Divorce Recovery is to help you get through this unexpected life challenge and to create a life that’s awesome.

The program we’ve put together is the result of literally hundreds of women sharing their insights.  Fighting the pain together … getting to a place of peace in this turmoil … and finally, creating the life we want now.


What we’ve done is put together a program we like to call the R.A.D.I.C.A.L. MasterPlan.  This program takes you step-by-step through the divorce recovery process.  This process is usually a lot longer than we want it to be, so it was originally designed as a year long program, but we came to discover everyone moves at their own pace.    Here is the program that will guide you step-by-step in taking your life back:

  1. Decide to Get Better: There’s One choice:  Get over this or not.
  2. Survive: Mastering the Survival Six  (Daily strategies for keeping you from turning into the sack monster who stays in the same clothes and doesn’t brush her teeth for a month!)
  3. Get Strong: (Becoming your own version of Wonder Woman) – Tips from the Marines
  4. Conquer the Chaos: Stop trying to be Boss of the Universe and take control of your own stuff.
  5. Get Financially Fit: It’s about more than the money – Having more is nice, but don’t count on it to bring you nirvana.
  6. Teach Your Children: The power lessons of recovery:  (Terrifying & Exhilarating!)
  7. Inspire Your Family and Friends: Creating your legacy:  (The B!#ch or The Blessing?)
  8. Face Reality: A new empowerment (Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?)
  9. Choose to Change: The future is your choice (You can just allow your life to drift along on the tide or you can choose to create the life you want. )
  10. Set New Goals: True Grit:  (Deciding what you really want and then developing a “Just try to stop me!” attitude.)
  11. Embrace Transformation: A life beyond your wildest dreams!  (Who knew this was possible?! )
  12. Live Your Best Life: Sharing your gifts with your world – (This little light of mine – a powerful, adventurous, glorious way to live!)


Another piece of the divorce recovery process is talking.  Talking with women who understand the pain, who know what it’s like to literally cry “all night long.”  That is why we created  The community is an online support group of women who are experiencing midlife divorce and who connect and share their victories, challenges, encouragement and strategies to move forward.  Women in the community have spent those nights crying until no tears are left.  Some may have done out-of-character things that could have landed them in jail.  There is the occasional ranting and raving.  But it’s safe and secure place full of women who “get it” and a place where you can begin your journey back to joy.

However you decide to start your recovery with us, you will find recovery resources that come from real life.  Resources that help you survive, get strong, get organized, accept reality and more.  After ten years of working with women going through divorce, (some who didn’t think they could go on), we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.  We know what will help you move forward to the good life and what makes you stay stuck in that pit of pain and “poor me.”

Your future is up to you.

You can stay in the place of bitterness, fear, anger and sadness. You can whine and mope around and complain and miss your life. Or you create a life that is everything you dreamed it could be. Which will you choose?

Make the choice now. Time is moving forward. You had better join the parade. We will help you every step of the way.

If you are ready to start your new life.  For details, click here:  SIGN UP TODAY


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