New Year's Eve? So What? Here's what: You've learned a lot. You can make next year an amazingly wonderful year.... and you can start planning it right now.

New Year’s Eve? So What? Here’s what: You’ve learned a lot. You can make next year an amazingly wonderful year…. and you can start planning it right now.  Your joy and fulfillment is up to you, you know.  Celebrate that!

It’s just a few hours until a new year starts.  I’m sure for most of you, this hasn’t been your favorite year. In fact, this has probably been the most difficult year of your life.  However, it may be the year you have learned the most. And grown the most as a woman. Anytime you learn Truth, it’s good.  Even if the truth is uncomfortable or scary or temporarily devastating, it’s always best to know the truth … like the fact that your wasband is no longer the person you married, and that the life you expected is not going to happen.  That is a very difficult truth to accept.  However, that truth may be the truth that sets you free in ways you don’t expect. In good, beneficial, eventually exhilarating ways! It’s my guess that you spent a lot of time over the years babysitting in your relationship. (Not your children … your wasband!). Or doing all the heavy lifting … emotionally and in other ways.  Or you may have been stifling your own vibrant, creative, fun self to keep the peace.  I can honestly say that as I went along each day, I consciously tried to do what I thought was best, and I believe God always blesses those efforts to do right.  And he is blessing our efforts today, and he will bless our efforts in 2013.  But because of what we’ve learned, we’re smarter now.  We have not only learned truth, we have learned more about what we want and what we don’t want in this next year.  We will make more confident choices. We will serve others better by being more true to who we are … deep down. We will be braver and bolder because we have not only survived this year, but because we have learned new skills, and we have learned to create our own joy and appreciate life in a richer, brighter and more transcendent way.  So spend some time today thanking God for what you’ve learned this year. Then put your shoulders back and start anticipating the tingly possibilities of a shiny new year!  Remember, you alone are responsible for how good this next year is.  You alone have the ability to make it good no matter what.  So, you have a lot to celebrate and a lot look forward to as the clock strikes midnight!