Here’s the deal:

One way women solve problems is to talk through them. But after divorce, people who care about us just want us to feel better. They say things like “It’s time for you to move on.” or “You’re better off without him, just get over it!” “You need to get on with your life!”

But unless someone has been through it, they just don’t understand the grief work you have to do after divorce to be able to start healing and move on. It’s a longer process than most people realize. And if there is another woman involved, it’s even more complicated because of all of the betrayal and deception involved.

But we can help. We provide a safe, secure place for women going through divorce to talk to other women going through divorce. They understand the sleepless nights and the lonely days, the rage and despair you sometimes feel. They too have experienced the roller-coaster of emotions!

This place is called the MDRcommunity. MDR stands for Midlife Divorce Recovery. It’s a community of women only, mostly in the middle of their life ….. (but we’ve had women from age 33 – 82!) The women are from every imaginable background, locations and walk of life. We have teachers, opera singers, farmers, business owners, attorneys, therapists, full-time moms, nurses, writers, grandmas and so on.

We’ve discussed (and are still discussing)  just about everything in the MDRcommunity: sex after divorce, karma (where is it?), attorneys, in-laws, kids, dating, loneliness, having to share the kids, hating him, still feeling like we love him ….. nothing is off limits.

And you don’t have to wear out your friends and family. The women in the community never get tired of listening. Plus, you can say what you’re really feeling instead of hiding the things that would really scare your family and friends!

Try our MDRcommunity for one month and you get the Radical Recovery book, (just finished it’s 3rd printing!) FREE!

If you decide the community is not for you, you keep the book even if you cancel your membership after the first month.

Click below to sign up and we’ll get your book in the mail within 24 hours. You’ll thank us and you’ll find amazing women in the community who will become your biggest cheerleaders.

MDR Community: Click the link below for more info or to sign up:
Suzy Brown, founder of Midlife Divorce Recovery and author of Radical Recovery:  Transforming the Despair of Your Divorce Into An Unexpected Good.