Jen Jordt, of Eagle River, Alaska wrote an article for me a few years ago on her journey of healing through midlife divorce. Here is a bit of her encouraging story —

“This is what I will tell you: circumstances only have control if you let them. Do whatever it takes to get out of “you” and on to making the world a better place.

Embrace your grief. Own it. Process it and let God take it. Keep at it and allow God to heal you and free you to become your true self. I would never have imagined my shattered heart and life could have been mended into such freedom and fulfillment. I did not believe that every painful experience could and would be used for something good.

Understand that everyone has gifts. God used my domestic engineering gifts to allow me to start a house sitting service that kept a roof over my head. I was soon in great demand with a waiting list! My gift of organization has been used to help purge others’ chaos. My love for people and food opened doors to catering services. Everyone has gifts. FIND YOURS AND USE THEM!

Today I am back in school. This semester I am taking Social Problems, New Testament History and 20th Century History. My passion is to walk alongside women in prison. Through the Alaskan Prison Ministry, I have the honor of teaching positive, practical change through parenting workshops, moral development and life transitions. I am graced to be able to help women re-enter society and join their children and community.

Today I love each relationship I have with each of my three children and grandsons. Today, I love many. Today, I am loved by many.”

Fast forward to yesterday, I received this announcement from Jen. The email subject line read: Official Graduate 

Because I know I did not do this alone;

27 months, 23 classes, 11 homes, 9 semesters, 5 part-time jobs, 3 children, 2 grandsons. As 1 women this would not be humanly possible with out the love, support, encouragement of persons (YOU) who believed in me, helped me, listened to me, prayed for me and could see purpose and strength when I had nothing left.

Believer or not, I know there is one God who brought each of you in my life, exactly when I needed you the most, and I hope and pray you know I could not have completed; A Bachelors of Applied Science, majoring in Human Services with honors without you. My honor goes to God and to YOU.

With Gratitude and Appreciation, Jen