The MasterPlan is a powerful program that will save you time, tears and pain on your way to a better life after divorce.

Do you wonder if you’ll ever really be happy again?

I did. I’ve been there. After my 33-year marriage ended, I thought my life would never be as good as it was. I spent too long in that place of sadness and loneliness and fear.

  • But things have changed. For more than 10 years I’ve studied and learned and listened and found out how to help other women get through their midlife divorce more gracefully than I did. I’ve brought in experts from different areas of recovery to my Midlife Divorce Recovery Bootcamps and 10-week support groups and Second Saturday Seminars. I’ve mentored women one-to-one and learned the best and fastest ways to move forward. I’ve immersed myself in figuring out what works and what definitely doesn’t work in getting better after a midlife divorce. The result is the RADiCAL MasterPlan.

With the MasterPan you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop obsessing about him … or them. (Those movies in your mind will make you crazy! … especially if the “girlfiend is in them, too!)
  • Stop wishing you could get him back or thinking of ways to do him in. (Both are useless!)
  • Stop feeling guilty and blaming yourself and constantly asking “What if?”  (Give that up!  Stop worrying about anything you cannot change!)
  • Stop asking “Why?” (Not a helpful question) and ask instead, “What now?”
  • Overcome the loneliness.  (Nothing is more lonely than trying to please someone who has moved on.)
  • Stop being pissed off all the time (that makes your face ugly!)
  • Rediscover your most fit, fun and frisky self!  (She’s in there!)
  • Figure out your finances.  (Get all you can, but remember, “Money does NOT buy happiness.”)
  • Teach your children positive life lessons. (Yikes!  They are watching you like a hawk!  What are you teaching them about life?)
  • Live a life that inspires others.  (Do others think, “What a fun, generous, gracious woman!”? or do they run the other way when they see you coming?)
  • Encourage your spirit to soar.  (We’ve only got “this one wild, precious life!”)
  • Embrace the adventure waiting in your future! (Real adventure always involves a certain amount of sobbing and screaming — but the victories are breathtaking!)
  • Get concrete recovery information and practical strategies to move forward (This isn’t a program of psycho-babble and theories about what researchers or academicians think you’re supposed to do — it’s real solutions for real problems.)
  • Stay focused on recovery.  (It’s easy to slip back into the pity pit and the whining wilderness and the desert of doing things that just don’t work!) We keep you focused on the “straight and narrow” of getting to recovery and rejuvenation as quickly as you possibly can.  A whole new world is waiting for you and it can be as amazing as you make it, so lets make this trip through recovery as easy and as fast as possible!

You will find joy again.

The mission of this program is more than just helping you feel better. The goal is to change your life for good! The MasterPlan will save you anguish and pain, but it can also help you create a future that is everything you want it to be. Not just okay, but unbelievably good! Wildly, extravagantly good!!

You get to hear conversations with experts in each of the areas of recovery.  Information you would pay hundreds of dollars for if you were sitting in the room with them.Many experts say divorce after a long marriage usually takes one year of recovery for every 5-7 years of marriage or one month of recovery for every year of marriage. I was 53 years old and had been married 33 years. I didn’t have that long. You don’t either!!

The MasterPlan speeds up recovery and leads to not only healing, but to a whole new way of looking at your future.  You’re not just on this earth to take up space … you’re here to make a difference.  The MasterPlan helps you figure out your best, most fulfilling, purposeful life going forward.

Taking advantage of the MasterPlan is not only the best thing you can do for you …. it’s also the best thing you can do for those who care about you … your children (They worry about you!), your family, your friends!  Do this for them if for some silly reason you feel guilty doing it for yourself!  You deserve this.  You deserve your best life …. especially now.  So join us and go get it!

We’re not going to leave you alone, out on the open sea of despair fending for yourself.  We’re going to be right alongside of you 24/7.

Below are the physical resources you will get with the MasterPlan Program.  Plus, you get all the online resources and full access to the MDRcommunity discussion rooms and forums.


Actual resources you will receive with your MasterPlan Membership

  1. The 219-page Radical Recovery book by Suzy Brown
  2. 24/7 connection with other RADiCAL Women in the Community
  3. Daily encouragements sent to your e-mail every week-day
  4. Twelve 16-page PowerPages workbooks mailed to you with recovery work to do
  5. Twelve CD interviews with twelve different recovery experts with binder CD holders
  6. 3-ring R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Binder to keep your PowerPages workbooks, CDs and other information
  7. Midlife Divorce Recovery pen
  8. Two Live My Vision cards – One postcard size; one business card size
  9. Discount on one-on-one personal mentoring with Suzy
  10. Discount on Midlife Divorce Recovery products and events
  11. Certification at the completion allowing you to lead RADiCAL support groups

The program is not magic, but it works. And it’s as creative and fun as a Divorce Recovery Program can actually be!  Along with hundreds of other women, I am living proof it works. You have to make the commitment. You have to take the actions that bring change, but we will help you. We will provide guidance, connection and resources to make sure your transformation happens.  But you have to take the actions to make it happen.

The MasterPlan steps you through proven practices that help you think about and take actions to get better.

The MasterPlan helps you visualize what you want now and take action to get there.

The 12 Recovery Sections in the MasterPlan

  1. Commit to Get Better – There’s One choice:  Get over this or not.  (Let’s see, which will you choose?  Duh!)
  2. Survive: Mastering the Survival Six:  (Daily strategies for keeping you from turning into the sack monster who stays in the same clothes and doesn’t brush her teeth for a week!)
  3. Get Strong: (Becoming your own version of Wonder Woman) – Tips from the Marines
  4. Conquer the Chaos: Stop trying to be “Boss of the Universe” and take control of your own stuff.
  5. Get Financially Fit: It’s about more than the money – Having more is nice, but don’t count on it to bring you nirvana.
  6. Teach Your Children: The power lessons of recovery:  (Terrifying & Exhilarating!)
  7. Inspire Your Family and Friends: Creating your legacy:  (The B!#ch or The Blessing?)
  8. Face Reality: A new empowerment (Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?)
  9. Choose to Change: The future is your choice (You can just allow your life to drift along on the tide or you can choose to create the life you want. )
  10. Grieving, Forgiveness and Moving Forward:  (Deciding what you really want and then developing a “Just try to stop me!” attitude.)
  11. Embrace Transformation: A life beyond your wildest dreams! (Who knew this was possible?! )
  12. Live Your Best Life: Sharing your gifts with your world – (This bright light of mine – a powerful, adventurous, glorious way to live!)

Your future is up to you.

You can stay in the place of bitterness, fear, anger and sadness. You can whine and mope around and complain and miss your life. Or you create a life that is everything you dreamed it could be. Which will you choose?

Make the choice now. Time is moving forward. You can, too. We will help you every step of the way.

Join Us Today

Here’s what I’ve learned from the last 10+ years of Midlife Divorce Recovery work:

Make the choice to get better today. You are worth it. Your new life is worth it.

Your wasband most likely has moved on to his new life. You must, too!

This is an opportunity for you to create the life you’ve wanted all along.

What is a bright new future worth to you? How tired are you of feeling like you’re feeling right now? What would you give up to feel really great again?  Have you been miserable long enough?   Is it worth:

  • Taking your lunch to work once a week?
  • Skipping your frappachino a couple times a week?
  • Getting your book club book from the library instead of buying it?
  • Clipping coupons for a change?
  • Buying during On Sale seasons?
  • Trying high end resale shops? (the latest cool thing!)

You are WORTH IT! Start acting like it!  Stand up straight!  Hold your head up and decide that you are not going to let the actions of one misguided person destroy who you are.  He does not determine your life.  YOU can decide your life will be wonderful and we will help you make it happen!

Life is short.  Here’s all it takes to get started.  Join us now.

The Monthly RADiCAL MasterPlan –

  • $37 per month
  • Receive monthly shipments of the MasterPlan materials (in a plain brown wrapper!)
  • 216-page Radical Recovery book by Suzy Brown
  • 12-months of PowerPages (a 16-page work-book for each month)
  • 12 expert interview CDs (a new one sent each month)
  • An Online RADiCAL Buzz Newsletter each month
  • A RADiCAL Binder to keep everything together.
  • 24/7 access to the safe, secure MDRcommunity
  • Daily RADiCAL Thoughts sent to your e-mail address if you want
  • One free 30-minute mentoring.  Plus discounts on future one-on-one mentoring and events.
  • Everything mailed in a plain brown wrapper!

The R.A.D.I.C.A.L. MasterPlan All at Once –

    • $387 one-time payment (The Best Value!)
    • Receive one shipment of all the MasterPlan materials
    • 216-page Radical Recovery book by Suzy Brown
    • 12 PowerPages booklets (a 16-page work-book for each area of recovery)
    • 12 expert interview CDs
    • A MasterPlan Binder to keep everything together.
    • 24/7 access to the safe, secure MDRcommunity.
    • Blog sent to your e-mail every week-day if you want.
    • One free hour-long mentoring with Suzy Brown
    • Midlife Divorce Recovery pen
    • Everything mailed in a plain brown wrapper.

When you choose to get better yourself, those who love you will get better, too.  They want your best self back!  Kids do better when their mom gets better.  They deserve it and so do you!  Your future (and theirs) is at stake!  All of your friends and family want you to feel better and grab life again.  Do it for them …. and yourself.

Sign up today. 100 % guaranteed! –  There is nothing to lose and a good, fulfilling, fun life to gain!  Your future is up to you.  Time is moving on … and so is he … you most of all deserve to move on, too!

You can opt out of the program at any time and will not be charged for any additional months. But you can keep whatever you have received up until that time.

This plan will save you time and tears as you get support and strategies and resources that will help you change your life for good! Sign up now and get started getting better today. Click here for prices and details or to sign up.