RADiCAL Support Group Order Forms

If you’re running or looking to start a local RADiCAL Support Group program in your area, below are several options for ordering the necessary resources.

  • RADiCAL Membership Kits
  • RADiCAL Leadership Kits
  • Mix & Match Membership & Leadership Kits
  • Group Starter Bundle – 8 Memberships, Get 1 Leadership Free
  • Group Refill Bundle – 8 Memberships, Get 2 Memberships Free
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RADiCAL Membership Kits

$85 per Membership Kit

Everything an attendee needs for a RADiCAL Support Group class. The kit includes the RADiCAL Woman’s Guide, Alumni Interview CD, Radical Recovery, by Suzy Brown and all the tools you will need for 10-weeks of recovery you will never forget.


RADiCAL Leader’s Kits

$138 per Leadership Kit

Everything a leader needs to run a successful 10-Week RADiCAL Support Group.


Mix & Match Leadership & Membership Kits

  • $85 per Membership Kit
  • $138 per Leadership Kit

Need to order a Leadership Kit and a few Membership Kits this is the order form for you.

If you want to order one of our bundles use one of the options below.

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RADiCAL Starter Bundle

$680 per bundle

Starting a new class at your location? This is the perfect bundle to get a free leadership kit and get a new group started in your area.

Comes with…

  • 8 Membership Kits (8 x $85 = $680)
  • 1 FREE Leadership Kit
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RADiCAL Refill Bundle

$680 per bundle

Getting ready to do another class at your location? This bundle sends you 2 additional membership kits for the cost of 8!

Comes with…

  • 8 Membership Kits (8 x $85 = $680)
  • 2 FREE Membership Kits