Your Guide to Divorce: Making Informed Decisions and Navigating Change

At Midlife Divorce Recovery, we understand the challenges and complexities that come with considering or going through a divorce. These resources will help you whether you’re pondering divorce or preparing for it, our collection of articles offers expert advice and personal stories to empower you during this transformative time.

Considering Divorce

Exploring Your Feelings: Articles in this section help individuals understand their emotions and assess whether divorce is the right decision for them.

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Deciding to get divorced is a life-changing decision, and it’s not an easy one to make. See if it’s time to get a divorce, and when you should do it.

What to do about an unhappy marriage

Being in an unhappy marriage isn’t healthy for anyone involved. See what to do about an unhappy marriage and the effects it can have on the entire family.

Feeling Inadequate During Marriage

A marriage should be empowering, yet it’s all too common for women to feel like they’re not good enough for their husbands. Read more about feeling inadequate.

I love you but Im not in love with you

Your husband says he loves you, but he’s not IN love with you. It’s confusing and you don’t understand how that’s possible. Here’s what he’s really saying.

Featured Resources

MDR has reviewed many resources and providers on the market, and these are a few of our favorite providers when considering divorce.

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3StepDivorce™ is an easy and affordable online divorce solution that helps you prepare your own state and county specific divorce forms.

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Chat with a Family Lawyer in minutes, 24/7. Help with divorce, child support, paternity, child custody, and adoption. Get expert help with prenups and marriage, living wills and trusts, protection orders & more.

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Learn the relevant laws in your state so you can start the divorce process, or arrange custody and parenting time. Nolo Books will arm you with the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Preparing for Divorce

Getting Ready for Change: This section provides guidance on practical steps to prepare for divorce, from legal aspects to emotional readiness.

How to Leave Your Husband

Leaving your husband is not an easy decision to make, but if you’ve decided to do it, here’s what you need to think about and consider when leaving.

how to prepare for divorce

If you know you’re going to get divorced, you should start preparing as soon as possible. There’s a lot to consider like finances and your living arrangement.

Trail Separations Do They Work

Trial separations are commonly used when couples are having trouble. But what do they mean and how do they work? Read more about handling trial separations.

woman on couch doing divorce therapy

Divorce counseling & therapy can be helpful for couples & individuals going through the divorce process. Learn what to expect when starting counseling or therapy.

Navigating a Potential Divorce

Navigating the Journey: Articles in this section offer insights on dealing with divorce warning signs, addressing marriage problems, and finding support during the divorce process.

how to stop a divorce

It’s normal to want to stop a divorce, especially if you didn’t ask for it. Sometimes it’s possible, but not always. Read more about how to stop a divorce.

Divorce Road

Many people are blindsided when their spouse asks for a divorce, but there are sometimes warning signs to let you know it’s coming. See what those signs are.

Couple trying to handle marriage problems

It’s common for marriages to develop problems after 25 years. See common reasons for issues and how to address them and rekindle passion in a healthy way.

man drinking from a bottle of alcohol

Alcoholism and abuse can tear a marriage apart and sometimes force one spouse to file for divorce. See how to handle alcohol abuse and the divorce process.