Financial Issues During Divorce

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Your Financial Compass in Divorce: Expert Guidance and Tips

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy & divorce are frequently related, with divorce being named a top 5 cause of bankruptcy. Learn about how/when to declare bankruptcy during divorce.

How to get through a divorce financially

The turmoil of divorce and finances can be terrifying. Learn about how to survive divorce financially and join our community of like-minded women.

Woman reviewing her inheritances after divorce.

If you’re getting divorced and you have a past, present or future inheritance, you might wonder what will happen to it. See how divorce affects inheritances.

Woman working on a QDRO

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is the part of a divorce agreement that allocates child support, alimony or other benefits from a retirement plan.

Woman looking at spouse's secret account.

If your spouse has a secret bank account, it may be a sign that they are keeping other secrets from you. See how to handle this situation and what to do.

Featured Financial Resources

Explore a trusted collection of financial resources designed to assist you in organizing your finances during divorce. These resources provide valuable insights and tools to help you through this challenging period. Some links may be from our sponsors. Here’s how that helps us.

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Check out QDRO Counsel for expert guidance on Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). Get the support you need to navigate this complex legal process.

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Explore Empower to take control of your financial future. Discover smart tools and resources to help you achieve your financial goals.

Insurance After Divorce: Navigating the Post-Split Coverage Landscape

Articles that dive into the intricacies of managing various types of insurance post-divorce. Whether it’s health, auto, or life insurance, these articles will provide you with essential insights and guidance on how to navigate the changes and make informed decisions to secure your future.

life insurance

After divorce, it’s important to understand how your life insurance policy will be affected, especially if you both paid the premium from a joint account.

health insurance after divorce

Health insurance is confusing, especially after divorce. Learn about how it works, your insurance coverage options, and how your kids might be impacted.

dental insurance after divorce

After divorce, you’ll need to make changes to your dental insurance to make sure you and your dependents still have coverage. Learn what you need to do.

homeowners insurance

After divorce, you’ll need to make changes to your homeowners insurance policy, either changing the policy holder or value. See how to handle these scenarios.

Understanding Your Assets

Articles dedicated to guiding you through the process of managing various types of property and assets following a divorce. From real estate to investments, these articles provide invaluable insights and strategies to help you make informed decisions and secure your financial future.

how to handle the mortgage after divorce

Learn what to do with the mortgage during divorce. See how to handle different scenarios depending on your situation.

how divorce affects vehicles

After divorce, dividing assets is difficult, especially things you rely on like a car. See how divorce affects ownership of cars, trucks, and vehicles.

Selling a house during or after divorce can be a difficult process riddled with emotions. However, it’s an important part of moving on. Follow these tips to make selling a home as easy as possible.


After divorce, many women are unsure of what to do with their wedding and engagement rings. Read about different options and see which one is best for you.