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Helping your children through divorce is one of the most important challenges of overcoming divorce. We’ve compiled a collection of resources to help you with your children during this time.

Helping Your Children Through Divorce

Your children will need support and understanding as you go through divorce. These articles should help you make the best choices for your children.

Helping Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce can be especially hard on kids, but there are ways to help children cope with divorce. Follow these tips to help make your divorce easier on your kids and ensure they’re affected as little as possible.

effects of divorce on children

Parental divorce can impact children significantly. Learn about the effect divorce has on children and how to mitigate the risk of negative effects.

When to tell the kids about divorce

Divorce can be especially hard when kids are involved, and telling them about it can be one of the hardest parts. Find out when to tell the kids about divorce.

Special needs child with finger paint

When parents of a special needs child divorce, they need to work with a lawyer to determine how to support their child and set up the appropriate trusts.

sad child at birthday party

After divorce, is it better for a child to have one birthday party with both parents, or separate parties? How does custody work on a child’s birthday?

Featured Parenting Resources

Here are a few great parenting resources we’ve found. Midlife Divorce Recovery is reader-supported. Some links may be from our sponsors. Here’s how that helps us.

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Struggling As A Parent Of Divorce

It isn’t easy adjusting to the changes as a parent during divorce. You aren’t alone as you and your children go through this.

Single dad with child after divorce

Becoming a single dad after divorce is tough when you’re used to having a partner throughout your child’s life. See how to become a successful single dad.

A single mom after divorce.

Becoming a single mom after divorce is tough when you’re used to having a partner throughout your child’s life. See how to become a successful single mom.

Image showing two children being missed after divorce.

When you get divorced and don’t see your children all the time, it’s easy to miss them even if you have shared custody. See how to deal with missing your kids.

Empty nest woman working on computer

Empty nesting after divorce can feel lonely. But you’re not alone! A lot of people feel this way! See how to deal with these feelings and join our community.

Parenting Challenges

You will experience several unique parenting challenges after divorce. Here are some articles to help you with specific issues your child may be experiencing.

Child ignoring his mom

When you get divorced, it’s common for children to feel resentment towards one or both parents. See how to reconcile and talk to your children after divorce.

Kid texting on phone after parents divorce

After divorce, it’s common (and normal) for kids to feel resentment towards the parent that they feel is at fault. See what to do when your kids hate your ex.

Woman thinking about co-parenting with a narcissist

Whether you’re married to a narcissist, or your ex is a narcissist, co-parenting with a narcissistic person is emotionally draining. See how to handle it.

Stepmother overstepping her boundaries with step child

Being a stepparent is difficult, and there are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. See what to do when a stepmother is overstepping her boundaries.

kid hugging their stepmom

Being a stepmom when you’ve never had children yourself is difficult. It’s easy to feel like an outsider and have trouble adjusting. See what to do about it.

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