“Life is ours to be spent, not saved.” ~ D.H. Lawrence

Life Is Unpredictable

Life is an incredible adventure. Sometimes we are on a raft floating on a shallow, warm lagoon sipping fresh squeezed pineapple juice wondering how life could be any more beautiful. Sometimes we are on a tugboat or a barge doing our work and pulling into port after a job completed and well done and feeling satisfied and content.

And other times we are on a ship (like the ship of divorce) out in the middle of a raging sea. We are holding on for dear life, not knowing if we will live or die.

Spend Your Life

Wherever you find yourself today, remember that life, above all else, is meant to be spent. Spend it kicking and screaming when you must. Spend it singing a beautiful song when you can. Spend it laughing and sharing, hugging and caring.

But spend it. Don’t hole up in a little dark room of sadness, fear and insecurity.

The Joy In Spending

Life is the ultimate insecurity. So accept that, and get out there and make some mistakes. Give relationships everything you’ve got. Sometimes they will work out; sometimes they won’t.

But the joy is in the spending. People will be drawn to you because of your enthusiasm and your boisterous, contagious attitude about life. Life is nothing if it is not exciting. And you make it exciting by deciding to live to the fullest.

Dare To Share Yourself

Do good things for yourself today. One great place to start is by making life good for the people around you … in small ways and big ways. Hoarding ourself is a small and selfish way to live. Even though you’ve been hurt, you get to decide what to do with the pain.

Will it make you bitter and ugly? Or will it make you stronger and more determined to make life wonderful in spite of what anyone else is doing? Only you can decide how to spend your life today. Don’t keep the wonderful person that you are to yourself! We all have a story, and it is meant to be shared.

“For anyone who keeps his life for himself shall lose it; and anyone who loses his life for Me shall find it again.” ~ Matthew 16:25 (NIV)

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