Surviving Divorce After 50


If our marriage has survived into our fifties, we think it should be smooth sailing after that.  That’s turning out not to be the case. Sadly, more divorces are happening after 50 (often called Gray Divorces) than you might expect, affecting everything from our children, our finances, our self esteem and sometimes our very survival.

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At around 50 years old, many people take a fresh look at a lot of things in their lives, including marriages.  This is the time men (and women) have their famous “midlife crisis.”  They start asking “Is this all there is?” Read more about midlife crisis divorce.

Women are also asking questions.  Mainly, “What’s happening to me?”  Menopause wreaks havoc on our body, our emotions and even our libido.  Our child-rearing work has possibly eased up, and our kids are needing us less.  But then, our parents may be needing us more.  

After children leave home, many couples face this same identity crisis.  You might hear statements like, “I’ve been working all these years to take care of my family, buying the groceries, paying the mortgage, financing the braces and getting the kids off to college.”  Or… “I’ve endured this abuse, addiction, lack of respect for all these years.  Enough is enough.”

After 50, many seem easily susceptible to that siren song … “I want some new excitement!”

As one bright, beautiful woman recently shared with me, her husband of more than three decades told her, “I want to explore!  I’ve done my part, now it’s time for me!  I don’t want to be tied down!”  He left with no discussion, no trying to fix things, no regard for their long years together. What kind of coward does that?!

When the man leaves the marriage for another woman, that is absolutely devastating to the woman who has invested many years of life and love into her family.  A man who has a midlife affair often doesn’t have the guts to come to us and tell us what is going on in his head.  They hardly ever say, “I’m not happy.  I need something different,” and try to fix things in the marriage before they sneak off with their secretary or their nurse or someone they met in a bar. 

If you can’t tell, I have strong opinions about that!

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Coping With Divorce After 50

I’ve never really liked the sound of that phrase…”coping with divorce”… like it’s some new disease that I’ll never get rid of or something. Right off the bat I want to recognize, divorce sucks and it’s probably going to be painful for longer than you want. When I divorced in my fifties it took me longer than I care to admit to get through it. But I want to be the first to tell you, even a divorce after 50, can be just the upheaval you need to create an amazing next act in your life.

Yes, there are definitely some unique challenges as your start to get into this age range and there are key areas you’re gonna have to cope with.

Here are some of the major thoughts that ran through my head as I dealt with my divorce in my fifties.

  • “What kind of life is there for me now? I’m already fifty years old!”
  • “Who will want to be with me?”
  • “How am I going to survive financially?”
  • “This wasn’t supposed to happen to us…what happened to the perfect marriage I had dreamed of?”

On top of that, you have to deal with all the normal things that happen to all women in their fifties.

So where to start – coping with divorce after 50 usually means simply surviving at first.  

You have to deal with the difficult grief period that many people don’t even recognize as “real” grief.  Early on it’s a victory if you can survive from morning ‘til night without falling apart completely.

Depression And Divorce After 50

Depression usually shows up somewhere on this trip regardless of how the divorce happens.  I had never taken an antidepressant in my life until my divorce when I was 53.  I took one pill prescribed by my physician, and I became so physically sick that I thought to myself, “If I don’t pull myself together, he might make me take another one of those pills, and I might die!” I never took another one.

So what can you do? How do you navigate the sadness and devastation caused by this divorce.

Your first job is to take care of yourself.  You must do the basics of simple self-care.

Try to get enough sleep (hard, almost impossible I know!) – My best advice, move to step 2!

Exercise! Yes even 50 year olds need to exercise. I rode my bicycle like crazy when I got divorced. I would get way out into rural areas and scream and cry as I rode. Find anything you can do to get your heart rate up and keep it up. This single handedly can improve your depression.

Eat something healthy – I personally couldn’t stomach a big meal early on, and found the best thing for me was to graze on healthy snacks all day long. A handful of nuts here, an apple there, a slice of cheese, a can of soup, or fiber-rich, high protein cereal.

Drink plenty of clear, healthy liquids. I found myself drinking a lot of fruit juices, but would dilute them by at least half with water to cut down on the sugar.

Also, make sure you’re getting out in the sun a bit every day, and doing something that gets your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes, too.  

Finally, GET HELP!  Do not isolate yourself even though all you want to do, early on, is get in bed and cover your head until the pain stops.  We can connect you with women from all over the country and internationally who know how you’re feeling and are feeling those same things too.  

Surviving Divorce After 50: Feeling Alone

Loneliness is another big issue in divorce after 50.  Many women in their fifties went to college, got married early, had children, and then just when things ease up a bit at home, our husband leaves.  It was the first time I had actually ever lived alone after my husband left, and soon after, our last child left for college.

After 50, divorce makes us wonder where we fit in, and if surviving divorce after 50 is possible.  Often our friends don’t want to take sides.  They don’t want to interfere.  We become “complicated.”  We are the fifth wheel in groups of couples.  And no one really gets how hard this is after most of our adult life, we were part of a couple.  

That’s why one of the first things I recommend you do is connect with other women on this road. Once I found a group of women I could talk to, women who were going through the same thing…which again was much farther into the divorce than I care to admit… but once I did that I felt my recovery make turn in the right direction.

I wasn’t the only one out there. Women in their fifties and lots of them were doing things they had only dreamed of doing in their marriages. I finally felt a bit of hope!

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Feeling Inadequate Or Unattractive When Your Husband Leaves

I mean no disrespect for women whose husbands have died in midlife.  But I believe, and there is evidence to prove this, having a spouse die is easier to deal with emotionally than if your-still-very-much-alive husband decides you’re not fun enough or smart enough or adventurous enough or whatever, and goes looking for a younger model more suited to his new view of himself.

The cruel thing is that instead of the couple working things out together and finding new adventure together, the man looks for someone new.  I’m sorry to say, there is no shortage of girlFIENDS out there.  (A girlFIEND is any woman who knowingly gets involved with a married man!)  Instead of the man rekindling the romance with his wife, he woos and tries to impress this sweet young thing who is usually much younger than he is, and is looking for someone to finance her life.

Often, the wife, who might also have been looking forward to the new freedom after the kids are gone, is left alone to pick up the pieces while he is getting his ego (and something else!) stroked by another woman. And most of the time, a midlife wife, no matter how much fun, bright or good looking she is, can never compete with someone much younger who makes the man feel young and sexually desirable again. 

So what do you do?

The first thing I recommend is taking advantage of this opportunity to, potentially for the first time, look forward and ask…

  • Who do I want to be now?
  • What do I want to do now that I don’t have to worry about my ex anymore?
  • What do I want to do that I never felt comfortable doing or didn’t feel able to do with my ex around?

For the first time in probably a long time, you can do really whatever you want without having to “impress someone” or make your husband feel special or for your husband.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be yourself OR figure out who you are with out the other person!

Divorce And Finances After 50

Finances are usually a huge issue during after 50 divorces.  Just when you both might be looking forward to retirement and more time and money to travel and do things together, suddenly your financial security is put at risk.  You may have to continue working for much longer than you planned.  You usually have to leave your family home and find an apartment or downsize to a much smaller house for yourself and any children still at home.

Retirement funds are affected too.  Divorce at any time is expensive.  A long-drawn out battle eats up a lot of money for both parties.  Some women end up with no retirement safety net at all. That’s especially true if the woman spent most of her married life staying home and taking care of the kids and things at home.  And often with a new woman in his life, the ex becomes less likely to “do right by you” financially, as he promised.

There’s a ton to think about here – take a look at our article How To Get Through A Divorce Financially.

Recovery And Transformation

In the middle of all of this mess, we ask ourselves, “Will I ever get over this?”  “Will I ever really be happy again?”  “Is surviving divorce after 50 possible?” 

The answer is yes!  Absolutely!  

There definitely is life after divorce at 50, but, your recovery is up to you.  We have lots of ways to help, but you have to decide that you aren’t going to let one person, or this divorce, define you or destroy your future.

You definitely have grief work to do and healing work to do.  But after that time of coming to grips with your new reality, you can start figuring out what comes next.  And speaking from experience and from mentoring hundreds of women, your life can be amazing again – or maybe amazing for the very first time.  But it’s your choice.

Get the resources, tools and services that can move you from how you’re feeling right now to creating a fun, good, adventurous life of your own.  And it can be better than you can even imagine!

Let us help.  Don’t waste another minute.  Life is moving on.  You wasband (your ex) has already moved on.  You need to move on, too.  We know you want to, but you don’t know where to start.  We have a practical, energizing, structured system that works.  Why don’t you try it out? 

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About the Author:

Suzy developed Midlife Divorce Recovery as a safe refuge for people healing and surviving the overwhelm of divorce. Starting her first RADiCAL support group in 2003 she's been helping women navigate the journey of divorce ever since.


  1. Linda August 13, 2017 at 11:38 am - Reply

    This is a great article. This is what exactly happened to me…. he needed a younger gal… he’ll find out soon enough that she just wants someone to take care of her, and she’ll drain him dry…

    • Lisa February 14, 2018 at 9:06 pm - Reply

      My ex left the family and married a single mom of three kids… foolish foolish foolish

      • Suzy Brown March 7, 2018 at 9:42 pm - Reply

        It’s amazing that they make these, as you put it, FOOLISH choices. I like two pieces of advice I heard: (1) If he is dumb enough to leave, we have to be smart enough to let him go. and (2) Don’t die of someone else’s misery. You just keep moving forward to the life you deserve.

  2. Lynda September 11, 2017 at 1:54 am - Reply

    I’m the one who wanted the divorce, not the other way around. I don’t regret the divorce, but the guilt is simply killing me.

    • Kim February 24, 2019 at 11:30 am - Reply

      I can honestly say I look back every single day and wonder what the hell happened and what was I thinking? Women need to check and make sure their hormones are in balance and there usn’t A thyroid issue going on before making these decisions. I was diagnosed hypothyroid after the divorce and I still think it caused me to make a decision I wasn’t truly aware of.
      I have been on my own for 12 years now and can honestly say I would rather be dead than live like this. I have a great family and wonderful son, but the loneliness is increasingly unbearable and it’s not like I sit at home doing nothing. I’m a pretty strong, athletic woman who isn’t afraid to do things alone. Men are intimidated by that and don’t want you.
      I tell women all the time that unless it’s abuse, drugs, or alcohol, stay. If he’s cheating on you, turn your head if you have any sense of financial stabikity because what is out there is a hundred times worse. It truly is like being the walking dead at this age. Beyond horrible.

      • Suzy March 5, 2019 at 7:31 pm - Reply

        It doesn’t have to be like”being the walking dead at this age. Beyond horrible.” Our future is OUR responsibility, no matter where we are starting. We can make decisions every single day that get us closer to the life we want!

  3. Fredrick Carter October 4, 2017 at 6:27 am - Reply

    Thank you for this much needed article. Getting divorced after 50 often means that you’ve spent long years with the spouse you are now separating from. The process is bound to be difficult. It is always advisable to seek professional help on all accounts, whether it is to know more about the laws in your state and your rights associated with divorce or coping strategies for the depression and feeling of loss that are inevitable.

  4. Maria October 31, 2017 at 7:10 am - Reply

    My wasband found a young bar girl in Phuket 35 years his junior. So, after being married for 32 years, he divorces me, gets her pregnant and now they’re having a beach wedding this Saturday 4th November 2017.
    He is 60 and she is 25, younger than our two children. After building up our finances for three decades, this young thing just walks in and enjoys financial freedom and I am left to look for full time work to continue supporting myself. Please tell me I will recover from this

    • Angela October 31, 2017 at 2:54 pm - Reply

      Maria, words can not express my anger over this. You will recover and can’t say when. I guess you may want to release it and take one day at a time. I am sorry !

      • Maria October 31, 2017 at 7:20 pm - Reply

        Thank you Angela. It’s a roller coaster ride at the moment. Mutual friends are going to the wedding to celebrate this marriage born out of adultery while I’m grieving. I also realised betrayal by friends can be devastating too.
        I just pray i will have the strength to take one day at a time with dignity and grace.

      • Lisa Stein January 20, 2018 at 12:40 pm - Reply

        Maria, I know this reply is well after you left the message but I just read it. To an outsider what you describe sounds absolutely ridiculous and pathetic, although I understand that for you it is extremely painful. I am 51, divorced for a few years, and nothing sounds more horrible than starting over with a baby spouse and actual baby. I am so much enjoying my freedom, empty nest and involvement with a loving mature man also in his 50s. Do not despair, there is so much out there to explore I promise. I am not minimizing your pain and anger, just want to share a story of hope.

  5. Suzy Brown November 1, 2017 at 2:21 am - Reply

    Never give up. Go ahead and let them have their weak little pathetic lives. You deserve someone and something better. Just keep asking yourself every day, “What can I do today to get closer to the life I desire?” Then do something positive to move in the right direction. Just remember this:”If he is dumb enough to leave. We have to be smart enough to let him go.” Remember that your life can be better than you can even imagine because you can make it so!

  6. Gail rosen February 2, 2018 at 5:52 am - Reply

    Interested in women’s relationship with divorce lawyers, especially communications, time frames and costs. After 40+ years of marriage I don’t know anyone who’s gone through divorce at this stage. Am I being treated fairly?

    • Sharon Aldrine March 6, 2018 at 2:02 am - Reply

      I got divorced after 40 years. I was 70 years old.

      • Suzy Brown March 7, 2018 at 9:36 pm - Reply

        I was divorced after 33 years ….. but we’re a lot younger at 70 than people used to be. If you get and keep yourself in shape, you have lots of great years left. I was definitely not going to let one dumb person destroy me or define my future. Getting help will help you create the future you deserve!

  7. Numila Parker April 15, 2018 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Excellent article ! Covers all issues and good advise towards not just surviving mid life divorce, but flourishing . So relevant ! Thank you once again !

  8. Laura May 31, 2018 at 3:49 am - Reply

    Love this article and all of the others women’s comments! I was married 43 years and 63 years old when he just left for a younger women! I could never afford to take Susie’s class, but I have followed all her blogs and they always help me, even still today! It’s taken me over 6 years to work through all of my feelings , sadness, anger, etc!
    Thank you Susie for all your help❣️

  9. Debbie June 19, 2018 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    My husband of 32 years at the time did not leave for another woman but he told me he felt cheated out of the last 30 years of his life, he said it was always about me and the kids. He was a wonderful husband and father but became resentful of being so. He had actually been preparing to leave for about a year before he did. Setting it up so that I was the bad guy. All the while I was there for him knowing he was going through something, holding him, kissing him, making love to him. I basically helped him through his process of leaving me.

    • Ang July 23, 2018 at 10:32 pm - Reply

      I think this is what has happened tonme but im in great denial.. we had everything such a lovly lovly llife then he just left leaving me with some horrendous things to copr with alone

    • Jamie August 5, 2018 at 5:33 pm - Reply

      Debbie, my experience was similar, except he had been preparing for several years. While I supported him, he was online making new “friends” and building the new life he wanted. He denies there was ever anyone else, but too many details and years of lying make me believe he just didn’t want to look like the bad guy. I hope you’re healing and doing better. Every day is a struggle, but some days are better than others.

  10. Connie June 26, 2018 at 9:58 am - Reply

    My husband of 23 years had and affair while I was fighting breast cancer then left me for her. I am soon to be 52, have not worked outside the home in a decade. My divorce was final 3 mo the ago and I got the house but hVe yo sell it. I never had to worry about money and now am completely wiped out .( he unloaded our accounts before he left ). I feel alone, scared and unloveable. I tried match but they all seem to want a younger slender professional woman and I am older curvy and had lived my life for my husband and children . This has ruined my life and he is living with his girlfriend happy as can be. This is the first time I have ever been alone and it is to much to bear.

    • Angela July 10, 2018 at 8:32 pm - Reply

      Hang in there Connie, it must be such a shock after your illness and being together for so long. Here’s a virtual hug and a hope that you will find an opportunity to do some things that you want to do even if you have to sell your home. Work is hard to come by but once you find something the routine of going in and being around other people can be really comforting. It isn’t you, it’s him, honest.

    • Sally November 14, 2018 at 8:55 pm - Reply

      Hi Connie

      I don’t know if you will get my message after nearly six months, but I am hoping that life is gradually unravelling for you in a more positive way.

      I am 55 and it has been over 3.5 years since my husband said he wanted to live alone and recently, I have learnt that he would have walked away, leaving me with all the bills for the home, when I have only just managed to get back out to work on a very low income. Fortunately, his solicitor informed him that he would still have to pay the bills, otherwise I would have been in real trouble. (English law).

      I think time helps you, so hopefully you are beginning to feel stronger. Once the crying is over, I think you can start to distance yourself and instead of focusing on your lost partner, you start to focus on your survival … truly, this is a time for positive change. Try and make sure that you only make considered decisions and avoid doing anything rash. Marriage is full of compromise and I am now thinking about what I want to do that I always felt I couldn’t do and … I’m jolly well going to do them now!

      We are all different but one thing is certain … life does go on (whether we like it or not) and we will survive. What we don’t always realise is that we have some control over the shape that survival takes … aim for the best possible shape!!

      I have probably got to work until I retire now, having spent over 20 years working from home. The prospect terrified me initially but now I am trying to get into the art world … something I would never have considered if I had remained married.

      This has been a long message but … my wish for you is that you recall some of the humdrum that often comes with marriage and vow to replace that with vibrancy and vitality. This is your life … make it amazing!!

      Good luck girly!

    • Tricia February 20, 2019 at 7:42 am - Reply

      Oh, Connie. That is heartbreaking. No-one should be treated that way. Big hug.

  11. Sarah Smith July 3, 2018 at 12:59 am - Reply

    What gets me is not the divorce but the fact that as a divorcee even one’s closest friends tend to demote you socially and stop inviting you to dinner and stuff like that, instead it’s supper with the kids, lunch or coffee.

    • Lisa G. October 31, 2018 at 6:46 pm - Reply

      Yep, I can definitely relate to this. I feel like a pariah.

  12. Pamela K Hiltzman July 5, 2018 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    This group sounds like something I seriously could use in my life right now

  13. Kim Shively July 25, 2018 at 4:30 pm - Reply

    Ladie’s the one thing we all have in common is pain. I didn’t think I saw this coming however, looking back how did I miss it. We never had children
    He fulfilled his dream “Navy” as I followed. At 24 I was so in love and believed it until 1/2018 he walked in and announced he wanted a divorce. No talking or answers. It would be later I found out there was someone else. He did move out, but nothing decided in courts yet except temporary spousal support. He left like a thief in the night. It would be 1pm the next day before I knew. He still has a key to the house so legally he can barge in at anytime. Legally owning half of the house, that’s how it works in my state until final court decisions. I rarely leave as I don’t know what could happen. i.e. belongings,etc. It’s been 7 months but I still breakdown when least expected. i would pray I could give anyone an easy answer: it just doesn’t exist. Can you mend a broken, lonely heart?? Kim

  14. Coley August 13, 2018 at 12:52 am - Reply

    I’m 57 years old…my husband stopped talking to me the last 5 months of our marriage. We’ve been married for 27 years. We’re in process of divorce but my husband wants to go to trial. I moved out a year ago. My husband hasn’t had relations with me in 10 years. I work part-time and make very little money and my husband feels he shouldn’t have to give me anything. Thank goodness for temporary spousal support. I still live him very much!!! How do you get through this unbearable pain?

  15. Rick August 29, 2018 at 9:23 pm - Reply

    This is true for men also. I treated my life like a princess. I would rub her feet at night, do the dishes etc and helped her with kids from a previous marriage. I also kept myself in shape. She left because she said she couldn’t talk to me, our female marriage counselor informed me that it was because my wife couldn’t communicate with most people.My ex tried to put all the blame on me and wouldn’t take any responsibility. Trying to deal

  16. WANDA MELTON September 7, 2018 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    I am 59 years old. I will be 60 next month. I filed for a divorce in Jan. I recently found out that my husband has been cheating for 12 years of our 28 year marriage with the same woman. The marriage has been over for a while. I filed for divorce 10 years ago with suspicion of infidelity. No prof, but i new in my gut that it was happening. Little did I know it was with this same woman. I had one son in college at the time from a previous marriage that my husband adopted. My husband did not help financially with him at all during his college years. I knew that I would not be able to financially assist my son if I got a divorce. I .also have one son with him. My husband did do right by that son. They are both educated, employed and moved out of the house. I am fighting depression, but I am much better than I was. I have a good support system. I too have been the 5th wheel. It hurts me to not be a part of the couple life that I have been so used to. Part of me looks forward to “My Next Life” as I call it. But I am angry and hurt by this man that promised to grow old with me. I can’t bear to look at him. Tired of the “Why me/” “What will People think?” “What about my future?” I will be sooo glad when the divorce is final. Looking forward to living my best life in my 60’s. My faith is stronger than my fear,.For all of the ladies out there, Let this be your moto. WE WILL SURVIDE..

  17. Mary Ann Lampp October 5, 2018 at 10:31 pm - Reply

    This article was good to read. I recently this week asked my husband for divorce due to his lying about alcohol drinking, and verbal abuse. Been married 28 years I have dealt with this off and on through our marriage. I feel unhappy and deserve better for myself. I recently left my job and able to start a new career being I’m 50. I feel this will give me a new start in life where I can focus on myself. I feel down about leaving my husband after being with him for so long. Sometimes you have to let someone go you love.

  18. Jana Wright October 23, 2018 at 2:03 am - Reply

    Did anyone else or “does” anyone else just want the whole world to STOP and acknowledge the pain inside your chest????? I’m very thankful that I found this website. After reading all the comments, I now know there are others that are dealing or have dealt with the pain. Right now I’m in the unbearable stage. I don’t want to close my eyes………I’m not sure why but I hate going to sleep. It would have been 30 yrs in April. I take the blame for 50% of our problems. He has been telling me for some time now what he needs from me and I did not return. I have issues from my past that keeps me showing my love for him (which is very very very deep)…I just cant get it out of my mouth. This also included the bedroom…… silence. I’m in counceling now to work on myself and hopefully get to the root of my brick wall around me. I am scared…….the thought of being without him crumbles me…….some parts of a day may be ok the other parts or maybe the entire day is shambles and I literally gasp for air crying all day long. It’s been a month……..and I just want to curl up in a ball and sit in the corner where no one can see me.

    • Lacey March 9, 2019 at 2:15 pm - Reply


    • Gillian April 2, 2019 at 3:45 pm - Reply

      Jana, your story has touched me deeply, as mine is so similar. After 23 years, he eventually got tired of begging for the physical affection that I didn’t know how to give. The love was always in my heart though.

      • Kris April 19, 2019 at 3:27 pm - Reply

        Same here too! He is now living with his secretary, who I thought was my friend! She is 14 years younger than him. We were married 25years! It’s so hard because he is acting so happy and out and about with her. He feels no shame or embarrassment! On the other hand I feel so isolated and that sick to my stomach feeling, Lonely, & terrified, embarrassed, i am praying for God’s vengeance on him.

  19. Lisa G. October 31, 2018 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    I am in a somewhat different situation in that I am a single mom of 55 with a school-age daughter. After many years of trying to conceive and deciding that parenting was more important than biology, we adopted my daughter as a baby when I was 47 and my ex was 41 — we’d been married 14 years at the time. We hadn’t had a perfect marriage, but I thought we were committed to each other, and after the baby came along, things were good. But when she started to walk and talk and had a mind of her own and didn’t just fall in line (the way he expected everyone and everything in his life to do), he couldn’t handle it. We argued about discipline all the time — he was so much harsher than I was. But I never expected him, two years ago — *while we were on our family vacation in Disneyland!!!* — to announce that he didn’t love me anymore and wanted a divorce. My mother was living with us at the time, and I think he wanted to get away from her, too, even though she treated him better than his own mother ever did. Anyway, after 21 years of marriage, I’m now divorced, with an 8-year-old daughter at Catholic school (which he now refuses to help pay for), and he is living in another state with his girlfriend, whom he met on a business trip, and her son… who’s exactly our daughter’s age. If it were up to me, neither of us would ever have to have anything to do with him again, but I had to agree to visitation. My mother has since passed away, and I have no other family living nearby — between work, taking care of my daughter and all her activities, and mourning my mom, I am feeling overwhelmed. I would like to meet someone, but the thought of trying to date is paralyzing — I’m not even sure I want to remarry, but it would be nice to have someone to do things with. It’s hard when everyone around you is part of a happy couple/family; there aren’t many single parents at my daughter’s school, and I feel on the outside of things much of the time. I don’t mind living for my daughter; I waited so long to be a mom and she’s such as joy, but I do feel like I don’t have my own life anymore. And I wonder who would even be interested in me now. Sorry for the long post — it was cathartic.

    • Tricia February 20, 2019 at 7:49 am - Reply

      Disney world! Well, he sure sounds like he wasn’t a keeper. Though I know that doesn’t help. Getting “over” love is so hard. I’m going through a similar emotion around dating. (Ex has new GF and he’s “excited”… ) I have trouble believing anyone will love me, at 54. I feel ancient and I cannot conjure hope.

      • Melanie May 22, 2019 at 5:04 pm - Reply

        Hi, Tricia – my ex husband is much younger than me (when we met I was 43 and he was 21, now I am 57 and he is almost 35). After 12 years together (August 2017) he texted me that he didn’t want to be married anymore because he was getting older and needed to live life on his own to prove he could do it (he worked very little while we were together – some part time work but I was the bread winner – he also started drinking daily in 2010 and it has steadily increased to a malt liquor at 8:45 a.m. on his days off – continuing all day. The whole time we were together, every couple of years he would announce that he wasn’t sexually attracted to me anymore and that I needed to come up with something to spice it up…like a threesome…and while we had a lot of good times, he was very controlling and verbally abusive and also a very depressing and negative person in general. I felt from the start that he had so much potential and that he was so much more than he thought or anyone gave him credit for. He had terrible parents, his mother is an alcoholic, his father worked all the time. Anyway – I have continued to give him cash, help his pay bills, make deposits, etc. in the 18 months since our divorce. During that time he has had three “girlfriends” and has slept with at least a few others. He seemed to be very happy and “in love” with the last one who actually seemed like a really nice person – but she broke up with him after three months and while he was sad about it, he was back on the dating site a week later and is already having daily “dates” with another girl. A – I do not want to be back in a relationship with him. We did not have a lot of common interests, and I put mine aside for his. B – I don’t really want to be in another relationship. I feel old and fat and the thought of being naked around anyone new is horrible to me. And besides the sex aspect, my marriage and my 5 year relationship before that both ended badly and by the other person and I have no desire to be rejected again. I am much “better off” than my ex. I own a home, have a nice car, a very stressful but great job with wonderful colleagues…but his being with these other people makes me physically ill. My doctor has increased the dosage of my meds and sometimes I am okay, but other times I cry uncontrollably and just want to sleep or lose myself in the world of a book or movie. Why does this hurt me so much. Part of me just wants to scream and hit him like a crazy person…because I feel like a crazy person. How does he prefer what he has now to our life together. Why do I miss him so much I feel panicky, but when I am around him, he acts just like himself and says awful negative things (calls women bitches, calls his roommate moron, etc) and I wonder why I am even there. But I just can’t let go. I hate being like this. I hate being old. Sometimes I wish I would just not wake up, but that would make my mother so sad and I love her more than anything (we live together which is great – and not great. Spending the majority of your time with someone who is 80, even if they are wonderful and a super cool 80, makes you abundantly aware of time.) Why am I like this? I am a smart person and people at my job and in my life respect me. But I have no respect for myself and feel ashamed and ugly and worthless a lot of the time. I am sorry for this post – I needed to say it other than by sobbing to my dog and cat. I want to love all of us and make us all know we are better than this (and really believe that in my heart.) Thank you for being out there.

  20. Jan November 20, 2018 at 5:56 am - Reply

    My husband of 38 years left me three weeks ago and I am devastated. I can’t sleep or eat and I feel like I can’t go on because the pain is so bad. He’s been seeing someone for a while but he’s known her for years apparently. I’m angry and upset and terrified of how I am going to get through this. I’m 57 and I feel like my life has ended. All the plans we made were just a lie on his behalf. Two weeks before he left he decided to knock down the back of the house intended to re model kitchen, so I now have to secure that alongside trying to find out what I am entitled to from him? My daughter lives in the house and she’s being very supportive but my son and his wife have told me that I have to cheer up and get on with it otherwise I can’t be around my granddaughter. I’m so very upset and don’t know how I will get through the rest of my life alone

    • JL November 25, 2018 at 10:36 am - Reply

      Jan I’m really sorry to hear that your son and daughter in law are not being supportive. I don’t think people fully understand you don’t just get over that length of time together after 3 weeks!

      At the moment you need to take each day at a time. Therapy is also beneficial, I would also suggest you book an appointment ‘re legal advice.

      You will get through this.

  21. Teena December 6, 2018 at 8:42 pm - Reply

    Ive just been reading all the comments and just crying. My husnabd just told me he wants to end our marriage after 32 years….he is in live with someone else. Im not copingg as it just came out of the blu and we just had a great holiday on fiji…

    • Melanie May 22, 2019 at 5:16 pm - Reply

      Memorial Day weekend in 2005, my partner of 5 years told me they didn’t see a future with me and had met someone from another state on the internet and wanted to break up. We owned a house together and literally the day before it happened, I had written a blog post about how wonderful my life was and how happy I was…which was subsequently mocked by the person I was being left for. I am still not coping and I have had a subsequent marriage. I am giving you a hug and telling you what I tell myself which is we deserve better.

  22. Teresa January 7, 2019 at 11:23 pm - Reply

    For all of you have been going through this, please don’t lose hope. I have been there as well. After 32 years of marriage he came home from a business trip, said he didn’t love me, immediately left off Mexico, married and left our children as well. I was in shock, this man who called every day telling me how me loved me became angry, blaming me for his life. Several days later not moving I divided all of my pills, made 2 lists, one of all the things he was demanding from me and one of reasons not to stay a live. I spent an overnight in the hospital and lied to get out. I then was diagnosed with chrohns and have spent 6 years getting to a better place. I had to sell my house an d eat with the fallout that my ex had took all the money and left me extremely in debt. I have come very far. From all of this I have learned to be a stronger woman who now knows who I am and what I want in life, something that may never have happened if I was married I am sorry to say. It has not been easy especially in the beginning where it took everything to make it through the day. It has taken time, support from others and learning how to care for myself and a determination to finally not let this person destroy me. Please know it can be done. It is not fair and I still believe in karma. It is never too late even though I still get anxious about the future, I remind myself how far I have come from that woman sitting on the sofa dividing my pills.

  23. Susan January 20, 2019 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    20 years. He left. I lived. Upon reflection I realize we wanted different lives. I wanted the southern values of church, our kids, family outings, dinners with friends, and romantic hand holding with Movie cuddles.
    When asked by the councillor what he wanted he stated, to be the best salesman I can be so I am admired by all others. Yikes. He was never home, out with clients, never an interest in our kids, and acted like I was his mother in shirking responsibilities. The point is, he stood up at dinner one night and said he didn’t need me or our kids, house, or life together. I stood in the kitchen and looked at my crying teens. I took a deep breath and stated, “As long as there is breath in my body you and I will be just fine”. I reminded them daily it was dad’s issues and not our fault. Three years later he is drunk, broke, in broken relationships, and wants to come home. I have grown to love a coworker and taking it slow. Our teens are in college. Be strong. Be brave. Cry. Then go fix your darn hair. Look pretty as possible and love yourself.

    • Tricia February 20, 2019 at 7:52 am - Reply

      Awesome comment, Susan!

  24. ANDREA K. AVILA February 17, 2019 at 4:33 am - Reply

    My spouse had an affair before we were married. We were living together. I forgave him and tried to move on, but the other woman keep calling me and him. It effect me because of all that happened. When that finally stopped I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and always felt horrible, no energy and everything else that comes with it. He didn’t understand and didn’t care to understand what was happening to me and my body. Again in 2017 he had an affair, but this time with my cousin. Which she does care who she sleeps with. They just have to be married and she ready and willing. I tried again to forgive for our child sake, but I made a big mistake by doing that. Now it was all my fault for what he did and it was up to me to fix our marriage. I needed to be more loving, loose weight, look better, give him what he wanted. I couldn’t do it, so he left, and know the house, bills, debt is all my problem, not his. He doesnt care if I cant pay the house, or make the needed repairs to sale it. It’s my problem, figure it out! He’s not worried about or anything we had together. And he doesnt have to help with any of it.. I was ready for him to leave, but not ready financially. I only make $829.00 every two weeks. And every time I wanted to try to get a better paying job he would so no. You need this job because they work with you when out child needed me. Because he could take off from work to take care of him, but I could because I didn’t make as much as him. So my job wasn’t that important. I’m relieved, but scared. I dont know what to do!!, I’ve been looking for a second job, but it’s hard finding one at my age. Sorry, this is all over the place.

  25. Tricia February 20, 2019 at 7:54 am - Reply

    I love that two times you said you were relieved! So- good riddance to him. You get to choose what kind of jobs you take now. Good luck with everything. You can do it.

  26. Lana April 29, 2019 at 3:42 pm - Reply

    Thanks for this article. I’m coming at this from a different angle — I’m a wife in my mid-30s who is considering a divorce in my early 50s due to a sexless marriage that my husband does not want to address. I’m waiting because we have very young children. I married late and was single until I was nearly 30, so I’m not afraid of being single again as I’m used to it. I don’t ever want to get married again, but when I come out the other side of this, I wouldn’t mind a boyfriend.

  27. Janet May 5, 2019 at 4:39 am - Reply

    I am not divorced yet, but I know it is coming. We have been married for over 20 years and our youngest child is 10. My DH is military and gone quite often. Over the last 6 years, there have been weeks where he has not spoken a word to me. RIght now he has not talked to me in two weeks and left for a deployment without saying goodbye. I am mid 50s and have not worked outside of the home in over 12 years and have no marketable skills. Besides all of this, I love my husband. This all seems so crazy to me. WTH is wrong with him? My day is spent wondering if I should pack up the house, learn a skill, clean out the bank account, reading my Bible, praying, crying, cleaning… I am all over the place. Selling off furniture, stripping, sanding and painting other pieces of furniture. I need some balance, not this drama. My hair is falling out and my skin is breaking out. I feel and look like a hormonal teenager!

  28. Mark May 26, 2019 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    What about a man me. My wife is leaving me after 21 years. What do I do, how can I go on.

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