How to Survive the Holidays
While You’re Surviving Divorce

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holiday stress

The Problem

The wrecking ball of divorce has come blasting into your life, and the holidays become part of the rubble you are sifting through trying to find some little piece of joy. How can you celebrate anything? How can you celebrate Thanksgiving or sing about “Joy to the World” or light the candles on the menorah or tell the stories of Kwanza when your life is crumbling all around you?

The Solution

  1. Learn better ways to be kind to yourself during this challenging holiday adjustment.
  2. Learn new ways to prioritize and do what most people want to do: simplify your holidays.
  3. Learn how being flexible can create joy. Take this chance to try something new.
  4. The holidays are about sharing and being thankful. Learn creative ways to spread the joy around.

Don’t Postpone Joy – There are many, many things to celebrate. It’s okay to cry when you need to, but the rest of the family (fair or not) will often take their cue from you. This webinar will help you set the set the stage for joy.

The Result

The Holidays are hard no matter what, but with the right strategies and plan you can approach these holidays with confidence and joy.
In this 45 minute webinar you will learn you can:

  1. Learn to get above your pain and enjoy the true meaning of the holidays.
  2. Save time, money and energy by getting off the crazy holiday merry-go-round that started the day after Halloween and get to the real heart of what we should be celebrating.
  3. Have fun and create amazing family memories by exploring new and different ways to celebrate.
  4. Do what 83% of people said they want to do: Simplify the Holidays.

P.S. (It’s not about the turkey or the gifts!)

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