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Suzy Brown started Midlife Divorce Recovery in 2007 after the release of her book, Radical Recovery: Transforming the Despair of Your Divorce into an Unexpected Good.

Her first site was based on a recovery group she started while she was going through her own divorce after 33 years of marriage. The group was composed of a handful of women who were struggling to cope with their midlife divorces, and all were in need of support and encouragement.

As much as anything they needed to be around other women who would listen and who understood what they were going through. They needed a safe place to vent. A place to share and laugh and cry if they needed to.

The group was called The RADiCAL Women, which stands for:

Rising Above Divorce In Confidence And Love

After writing her book, Suzy began a life of helping women recover from divorce by posting daily blogs, conducting RADiCAL Divorce Recovery Boot Camps, leading RADiCAL support groups, offering one-on-one mentoring, and speaking around the country at seminars and conferences.

She’s been featured on national and local radio and television shows. Her divorce recovery work has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and other print publications all over the country. She has published hundreds of articles online, and her passion for helping divorced women grows stronger every day. She not only helps women survive divorce, but she also guides them to a life that is adventurous, exciting, fulfilling and fun!

Much of Suzy’s work and resources have been made available here on this site in various formats. She doesn’t promise a swift, easy recovery, and doesn’t have a magic tip to instantly end the pain; but has worked with hundreds of people facing with divorce.

She knows what it takes to get through divorce. She’s learned what works and helps you move forward, as well as what makes you stay stuck in the pain.

Suzy admits in her book that at one point on her own divorce trip, she was curled up in a ball in the closet and could not stop crying long enough to meet with the appraiser who had come to appraise the house! So we’ve felt the down and dirty despair that you’re feeling. We done the stupid things that made us look ridiculous. We know first hand what an out-of-body (and sometimes out-of-mind!) experience midlife divorce is. But we’ve all survived and gone forward to create a life full of laughter and joy and all kinds of good things again. You can, too. (Really!)

Suzy invites you to be part of her RADiCAL community. We will help you navigate through this divorce disaster. Having a support group like MDRcommunity.com, even if you’re getting counseling, helps you move forward faster and with fewer tears than if you are stumbling and staggering through the darkness on your own.

Join us in the community where each woman is discovering her best self, and all the women are supporting each other on our way to a bold and beautiful future. Get the MasterPlan. You are worth whatever it takes to get your life back. If you haven’t already, start today. Your future is waiting!

5-Day Divorce Recovery Crash Course. Take the first steps in your recovery and start healing today! Send me the free emails
5-Day Divorce Recovery Crash Course. Take the first steps in your recovery and start healing today! Send me the free emails

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