Death-Free Living After Divorce

"Parking garages rank third among top locations for violent crime (after homes and public streets)." ~ Melissa Heckscher, BE SAFE - Simple Strategies for Death-Free Living Living Alone When my last child set off on his own, I felt an urge to tell someone to "drive carefully, drink plenty of fluids, and don't forget to eat breakfast!" One [...]

He Just Can’t Do It

“The only person you have control over is yourself.” ~ A Universal Truth Find Your Support Team Every time I finish leading a Midlife Divorce Recovery support group, I find myself amazed at how beautiful, fun and intelligent each of the women are. I am left, once again, saying, “What in the ‘heck’ is wrong with the men [...]

The Small Stuff Of Divorce

“It’s the smaller daily accomplishments that build and sustain us.”  Ichak Adizes, business expert I am a member of The Build Network, a publication for small businesses. The quotation above was taken from a Build story about a turnaround expert who was helping a big, once profitable company -- a leader in it’s field – but [...]

Are You Being Dominated?

“When you are under the domination of others you degenerate into something less than a complete person.” ~ Secret Mental Powers by Frank Rudolph Young As I read further into Frank Young’s book, I discovered a chapter entitled, The Secret Mental Power to Protect Yourself from Domination by Others. His observations are surprisingly accurate. Read and see [...]

Checking Out After Divorce

“You must be present to win.” ~ Adair Lara, Normal Is Just A Setting On The Dryer – And Other Lessons From The Real, Real World Taking Time To Grieve After a midlife divorce, it is easy to just “check out” of life. It's actually a completely normal reaction... for awhile. It is an important step in your [...]