The Power of One


"Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us." ~ Steven Covey I'm sort of a political junkie. I love the democratic process. I was one of those who had tears in my eyes watching people who risked their lives to vote in Iraq. Even though

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Row with the Oars You’ve Got After Divorce


"Everyone must row with the oars he has."    English Proverb Okay, if you're reading this, you are probably going through a divorce.  Probably a divorce you didn't want, didn't expect and don't like.  Yep.  You're in a boat you don't want to be in.  And you've got some kind of oars.  Some of us have nice,

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Get a Life – Especially After Divorce


"The best beauty product is to have a life.  A real life.  With challenges, disappointments, stress, and laughter."  From The Art of Imperfection by Veronique Vienne I love that little book called The Art of Imperfection.  None of us is perfect, and this book makes me feel okay about that.  The section from which the

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Wild Women After Divorce


“Growing as wild women (especially after divorce) involves breaking out of cages, boxes, stereotypes, categories, and captivity.  It involves standing tall, laughing loudly, and being who we really are.”    SARK – Author of  Succulent Wild Woman Growing is uncomfortable and scary and feels perilous. Especially when someone we love tells us by his actions

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Misery Poker After Divorce


Divorce is Often Full of Misery.  That reality made the email I got from this morning more meaningful.  This is a great site that encourages all of us to be optimistic, grateful and to do the right thing ... in business mainly, but in life as well.  On that site today, they were selling

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Don’t mess with me


You deserve to be treated with respect. Stand up for yourself and for what you believe. Don't be afraid. "The best accessory is an attitude. Wear it as if you mean it." From Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer ... and Other Lessons from the Real/Real World Have you ever

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Get on the train


Get on the train. Moping on the platform doesn’t help … go ahead, grab the adventure. Your destination can be beyond your wildest dreams! “There is no better time for your beginning. If not now, then when? We are each caretakers of our new beginnings.”    SARK Sometimes new

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Happy New Year – Really


What happens in 2013 is up to us! That’s reason to celebrate! Does the thought of a new year make you nervous or make you excited?  Early on in the divorce process the future made me anxious and worried and sad.  I thought I would never really find

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