Divorce and Security


"Our obsessions with security and our striving for permanence contradict the very principles of life itself." ~ Doris Helge, Ph.D.  Author of Transforming Pain into Power. If you are in the process of a midlife divorce, you are definitely feeling a loss of security and are probably wondering if anything at all is permanent. We

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Happy Thanksgiving


"The unthankful heart... discovers no mercies." ~Henry Ward Beecher I've read lots of things lately about Thanksgiving. My brother e-mailed me  a while back about two books about the Science of Thankfulness: Thank You Power: Making the Science of Gratitude Work for You by Deborah Norville and Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can

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Don’t Embarrass Yourself Talking to your Ex


During a midlife divorce, or any divorce for that matter, we are usually so angry or so sad or so upset when we try to converse with our ex-husband or soon-to-be-ex-husband, that our conversations are either strained and cold, or raging with fury. I was often so upset with something my wasband said, that I

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Be great during divorce


Divorce is one of those experiences in your life when we are overcome with our own troubles.  We''re sad.  We're mad.  We're hurt.  We're enveloped with everything that is happening to us.  We become self-absorbed.  Mostly we're just trying to keep from being sucked under this great torrent of overwhelming change,  and that means we

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Am I normal during this divorce?


There is no such thing as a normal divorce.  Or being normal during divorce.  There is nothing normal about it. Even though there are reactions and experiences that are similar during this journey, we can't be normal ... now or ever, really. I read something a while back in a little book simply entitled, "have fun."  It

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Don’t beat yourself up during divorce


During a divorce, especially a divorce where your wasband was (or still is) having an affair, there are many times we will probably need to apologize for things we've done or things we've said or things we've broken or words we've screamed ... (okay, you get the picture!). There will never be a time in

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Warfighting and Divorce


"War is an extreme test of will. Friction, uncertainty, fluidity, disorder and danger are its essential features."   Warfighting - U.S. Marine Corps Since I've been doing Midlife Divorce Recovery Boot Camps, I've been studying the U.S. Marines and their Boot Camps and how they go about preparing young people to face the enemy. I've been

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Divorce Recovery, Life and Muzak


I'm in the process of gathering speakers for the RADiCAL Divorce Recovery Conference in February.  I'm pumped!  I'm lining up powerful, smart, articulate women who want to share their wisdom and expertise in the area of recovery they are passionate about.  These women have all overcome obstacles in their lives and yet have come out stronger and

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