Ready to date again after divorce?


Okay, deep breath.  Your divorce is final.  You're  beginning to wonder if you dare open up your heart again?  You wonder if you should test the online dating sites, or if they're too fraught with potential romantic disaster. I'll admit, that decision to jump into the icy waters of dating after divorce is scary.  I remember saying on one

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Beware: Dating Site Profiles


"Personal ads and today, dating site profiles are dangerous. You have to separate the ones who are lying from the ones who are hallucinating." ~ Rita Rudner Okay, I feel like it's the first 'back to real life' day after the holidays. Most of us will head back to work today (except for places around the

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Beware of Flamenco Dancers


Rebound relationships are dangerous! Do not even think about getting involved until you feel confident and satisfied with your life as an independent woman. Do not feel rushed no matter how alluring his castinets are! "Never get involved with a flamenco dancer, no matter how gorgeous, whether he is from New Jersey or

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Ready to date? teleconference


You may not feel ready to date yet, but to get some great information for future use, take a look at this upcoming telesummit. "There is no better time for your new beginning. If not now, then when? We are each caretakers of our new beginnings." SARK Sometimes new beginnings are forced on

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Dating after divorce – Yikes!


If you're ready, go for it. But take your time, be careful and don't give away personal, private information on dating sites. For other tips, check out the Ten Online Dating Safety Tips in the community at Even after all this time, I sit here crying as I write these words. I

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