Jedi Divorce Tactics


“Related to mastering your emotions is the ability to distance yourself from the present moment and think objectively about the past and the future.” ~ Green and Elffers in The 48 Laws of Power During a midlife divorce, we all tend to experience a feeling of powerlessness. Circumstances are careening out of control beyond our

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Loneliness Research and Divorce


According to research we did a few years back, loneliness is one of the top three concerns of women going through divorce .... along with children and finances.  For me, during my divorce journey I was surrounded by wonderful children and family and friends and a church, but I still felt this heavy oppressive

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Divorce tip for Veteran’s Day


“War is an extreme test of will. Friction, uncertainty, fluidity, disorder and danger are its essential features.”    Warfighting – U.S. Marine Corps When I started doing day-long Divorce Recovery Boot Camps, I started studying the U.S. Marines and their Boot Camps and how they go about preparing young people to face the enemy. I

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Breathe First


Taking a couple of deep, cleansing breaths can make most conversations more controlled. Try it and see what happens. “Breathe Before You Speak” From Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson Very few of us really learn the skill of listening to another person. And during a midlife divorce

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Espresso Meditations


This cute cup of coffee is from a website called I love that name and I love the smiley face on the foam heart. You gotta smile! “I’ve taken up meditation. I like to have an espresso first to make it more challenging.” Betsy Salkind I laughed

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Looking okay, feeling miserable after divorce


Advice to someone starting this divorce recovery journey Guest blog from Brenda Trust was key to me.  Trust that you will be okay.  Trust that you will survive the pain that this journey inevitably will bring.  You have more strength than you realize.  You will come out on the other side a changed person.  You

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