Jedi Divorce Tactics


“Related to mastering your emotions is the ability to distance yourself from the present moment and think objectively about the past and the future.” ~ Green and Elffers in The 48 Laws of Power During a midlife divorce, we all tend to experience a feeling of powerlessness. Circumstances are careening out of control beyond our

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Practical Divorce Advice – Adjust Your Revolver


"You will catch a cold within two weeks of starting a new job."  - Never Trust a Calm Dog and Other Rules of Thumb by Tom Parker The quote above was taken from a book I found at a second-hand bookstore.  It's got some funny and some great advice like "To avoid being picked for

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Smash Something


“Be outrageous — and slam that door! As you do so remind yourself that your recklessness is nothng but the expression of a cosmic urge to challenge the general tendency of things to ebb toward a lukewarm and boring equilibrium.” The Art of Imperfection I’ve used this blog several times since I wrote it a

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Laughter and tears


During divorce laughter is hard to find. One of the best things about being with another woman going through divorce is that she gets the tears, but you can almost always find something from the situation that cracks you both up! That’s good for everybody. “The first time her laughter

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Bits and Pieces


Doing "bits and pieces" of kindness always does us as much good as it does the person we are encouraging. Let's see how many ways we can lift up others today and then see how we feel at the end of the day. "Giving a birthday card, a meaningful book, a cup

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What do you want?


Getting into this present moment is a gift that you can give yourself right now. You can always choose to think of something beautiful and good and lovely. The key to the good life is getting into the moment and making it wonderful. “We’re all walking around hungry

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Bad divorce decisions


"Perfection is not for human beings." ~ from How to Be Your Own Best Friend by Newman & Berkowitz A few days ago, I had dinner with a R.A.D.I.C.A.L. sister to celebrate our birthday. At the end of the wonderful meal, we stood in the parking lot and began laughing at some of the ridiculous

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Self Esteem in the Pits After Divorce?


"Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right, and important, although difficult, is the highest road to pride, self-esteem and personal satisfaction." ~ Margaret Thatcher If someone asked you how you’re feeling right now, what would you say? During a midlife divorce, here are some of the words that probably come to mind: confused,

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