The battles of divorce


“We grow forward when the delights of growth and the anxieties of safety are greater than the anxieties of growth and the delights of safety.” ~ Abraham Maslow Growth and safety are usually at odds with each other. During the earliest stages of a midlife divorce we crave safety above all else. We worry we can’t

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Who is watching you during divorce?


You are not going through these hard times of midlife divorce recovery alone. People are watching you. That's scary, and at times, embarrassing, and at other times downright terrifying. But if we can keep in our heads that people are watching how we deal with this suffering, it hopefully will give us the courage and

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Real Friends and Coping with Divorce


“See where you could use some more friends, and then find some!” SARK, author, writer, creative guru Last night in our RADiCAL group, we talked about connecting and reconnecting.  It was a great class.  We discussed the importance of deciding on our Deal Breakers, our Must Haves and our Nice-to-Haves

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The Real World


“Hi Ladies,  I feel like I am constantly coming to you all with prayer requests, but I guess that is what friends are for :)”  RADiCAL Woman to her support group members The blog below is a response to the RADiCAL woman above who described a scary, stressful situation and who asked for prayers from

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Make some new friends


During divorce, you may have to find some new friends. Friends who understand. They won't care how much you talk about your divorce. You won't need that forever, but you do early on.   "See where you could use some more friends, and then find some!"    SARK, author, writer, creative guru Some

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Free 216-page Radical Recovery Book


We're all smarter than any one of us. Helping someone else helps us as well. We are strong in one area and they are strong in another, so together we are stronger than either of us alone. That's why the MDRcommunity is so helpful. “Mentors can become friends.  ‘It’s very different than another

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Ex-husbands and their younger girlfriends


I am usually serious on these blogs because I know how heartbreaking a midlife divorce is.  For awhile, it's an awful, debilitating grief.  But even with the challenging sadness, there are moments of hilarity and laughter when a group of women get together for social time after a R.A.D.I.C.A.L. support group meeting where we focus

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After divorce ask yourself: What do I want?


After the pain of divorce, you can choose what comes next. We all struggle with the pain and challenges of divorce but there is a new world out there for us to enjoy and savor.  I’m three years out in my divorce journey and life is great again.  The first few years are

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