From Needing to Wanting after Divorce


Controlling our finances allows us to make our own choices about how best to serve. “As our financial life stabilizes, there is a natural progression from needing to get a grip on our money to wanting to extend our reach into the world.”  Barbara Stanny in Prince Charming Isn’t Coming

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Enough is Enough


Guest Blog:  The most important thing that has helped me heal from the pain of my divorce: knowing I am enough.  The hardest issue for me in my divorce was my feeling that my wasband chose not to work on our relationship but to leave me because I was not enough. That if I had been

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Your Brain After Divorce


"Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities." ~ Terry Josephson, Motivational speaker I have a tradition of sending each of my grandchildren a back-to-school letter each year. I want to encourage them to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to learn cool new stuff.  I have always loved school, even as

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Go ahead! Have some fun!


Good, clean fun on a hot, hot day "Look at the water in my dress Grandma Suzy!"  Gray, 5 Well, the last two days I had my annual "Grandma Suzy’s sleepout on the Deck."  We had a ball as usual with a few spats and insurrections of the ranks thrown in for good

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