Don’t let your ex intimidate you during divorce


So much that happens during divorce makes us feel hesitant, insecure and weak.  We are worried and fearful about so many things that seem out of our control.  But always keep in mind that there are actions that we can control, and one of those actions is the subconscious message we send by how we look ...

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Find Your True Self After Divorce


At the beginning of my midlife divorce recovery journey, I was so enveloped by the sudden, barren loneliness, that I often missed the opportunity for reflection and growth.  Not long ago I heard a talk  about the value of the desert ... those times we are forced to isolation and reflection and even despair.  That place

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How We Dress Makes A Difference


How we dress makes a difference in how we feel about ourselves and what others think about us. If we dress like we don’t care, that’s the message we send to ourselves and others. “Style is knowing what not to wear — On the list of raiment to leave on

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