Divorce, penile implants and the younger woman


I am usually serious on these blogs because I know how heartbreaking a midlife divorce can be.  It's an awful, debilitating grief.  But there are moments of hilarity and laughter when a group of women get together for social time after a RADiCAL Women support group meeting where we focus on getting better ourselves instead

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A Divorce Question – Sleep, Sex or a Pay Raise?


During the recovery period after a midlife divorce, sleep, sex or a pay raise are probably equally elusive.   In a book called Midlife/NewLife, author Judith Wills explains that "52% of us would choose a good night's sleep over sex or a pay raise.  About two thirds of us have trouble sleeping at some time during

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Beware of Flamenco Dancers


Rebound relationships are dangerous! Do not even think about getting involved until you feel confident and satisfied with your life as an independent woman. Do not feel rushed no matter how alluring his castinets are! "Never get involved with a flamenco dancer, no matter how gorgeous, whether he is from New Jersey or

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