Divorce will change you as a person so take the high road by making the changes positive instead of negative.  I have been divorced for just over three years and the first twelve months of dealing with my divorce were the most shattering and confusing.  We all need time to mourn our marriages but there comes a point when we need to put on our work boots and build a new life for ourselves too.  I survived the first year of my divorce by planning events or outings with my friends.   Select one new adventure per week that involves getting out of your home. Seriously, ladies, don’t overlook the power of a shower, clean clothes and a diversion outside of the house to start feeling normal again.   You may not want to leave the comfort of home but you must force yourself to get out among the living again. Go to a museum, kayak on a local lake, browse an antique store, take a gourmet cooking class, walk a trail in a local park, volunteer at a local animal shelter – discover what interests you again and take one step at a time to become the woman you were meant to be.   Your life was not meant to be an afterthought to someone who didn’t appreciate your value so love yourself enough to make the most of each day and work towards a healthier, happier future.  It’s not easy but YOU are worth the effort.

Guest blog submitted by Pru