However you decide to start your recovery with us, you will find practical resources that come from real life. Resources that help you survive, get strong, get organized, accept reality and more. After ten years of working with women going through divorce, (some who didn’t think they could go on another day), we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We know what will help you move forward to the good life and what makes you stay stuck in that pit of pain and “poor me.”

Here’s the thing.  Your future is up to you.

You can stay in the place of loneliness, fear, anger and sadness.  Or you create a life that is everything you dreamed it could be. Which will you choose?

Make the choice now. Time is moving forward. Join us. We “get it” and we will help you every step of the way.

We give you the tools and support you need to face the pain, conquer it and to start building the life you want moving forward.


End The Pain of Divorce and ReBuild Your Life Better Than Ever


We call our program the RADiCAL MasterPlan.  It takes you step-by-step through the divorce recovery minefield. This unexpected trip is always longer and harder than we want it to be … that’s a fact.  Even when you’re moving forward, you’ll hit speed bumps during the holidays; you’ll have snags on the birthdays; a favorite song will make you cry.  But we’ll be here.  We’ll give you tools to deal with the tough stuff you face.  Regardless of how discouraged and defeated and pissed off (yes!  pissed off!) you feel right now, here is our twelve-lesson plan to help you take your life back:

Here is our proven 12-Part MasterPlan that will help you grieve, heal and create your best life after divorce:

The Recovery Steps:

  1. Decide to Get Better: There’s One choice: Get over this or not.
  2. Survive: Mastering the Survival Six (Daily strategies to keep you from turning into the sack monster who stays in the same clothes and doesn’t brush her teeth for a week!)
  3. Get Strong: (Becoming your own version of Wonder Woman) – Tips from the Marines
  4. Conquer the Chaos: Stop trying to be Boss of the Universe and take control of your own stuff.
  5. Get Financially Fit: It’s about more than the money – Having more is nice, but don’t count on it to bring you peace and/or happiness.
  6. Teach Your Children: The power lessons of recovery: (Terrifying & Exhilarating!)
  7. Inspire Your Family and Friends: Creating your legacy: (The B!#ch or The Blessing?)
  8. Face Reality: A new empowerment (Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?)
  9. Choose to Change: The future is your choice (You can just drift along on “poor me” tide or you can choose to create the life you want. )
  10. Set New Goals: True Grit: (Deciding what you really want and then developing a “Just try to stop me!” attitude.)
  11. Embrace Transformation: A life beyond your wildest dreams! (Who knew this was possible?! )
  12. Live Your Best Life: Sharing your gifts with your world – (This little — but bright — light of mine – a powerful, adventurous, glorious way to live!)


Option 1- The RADiCAL MasterPlan – $297.87 One Time Payment (The Best Deal)

•  The “I’m tired of feeling like this!  I’m getting my life back NOW! option

  • Radical Recovery: Transforming the Despair of your Divorce into and Unexpected Good, The 219-page book by Suzy Brown.  “My divorce recovery Bible” as one woman described it.
  • The complete RADiCAL MasterPlan which contains:
  • MasterPlan Binder
  • All 12 of the 16-page PowerPage lessons covering the areas of recovery listed above
  • All 12 CD’s containing interviews with experts in each area of recovery listed above
  • A monthly online RADiCAL Buzz Newsletter full of fun/helpful recovery information
  • 24/7 Access to the online community for as long as you need it
  • 1-hour of one-on-one mentoring with Suzy
  • A Midlife Divorce Recovery pen
  • Live My Vision Post Card (put it on your refrigerator, mirror or wherever you can see it at home or work) and Live My Vision card for your billfold
  • Special prices on selected recovery resources and events

Option 2 – The Monthly RADiCAL MasterPlan – $27.47/Month

  • The “I’m Turning the Corner and Getting on the Right Path Today” Option

If you can’t commit all at once, you can join on a monthly basis and receive all of our materials one month at a time. For $27.47 a month you receive:

  • Radical Recovery: Transforming the Despair of your Divorce into and Unexpected Good, The 219-page book by Suzy Brown
  • A monthly shipment of the RADiCAL Masterplan which includes one month of the PowerPages and the companion CD interview with an expert about that topic
  • You also gain access to the online community for as long as you wish to continue.
  • And there is no risk. Cancel anytime and pay only for what you have received.
  • 30 minute one-on-one mentoring
  • Special prices on selected Midlife Divorce Recovery resources and events

Option 3 – The Online Community – $12.99/Month

  • The “I Need to Talk to Someone Who Gets It!” Option
  • Only $1.00 for first 15 days of 24/7 safe, protected access to the MDRcommunity!
  • Receive Suzy’s 219-page book Radical Recovery absolutely free after your first full payment  Retail Value – $15.99  (We even pay postage).  
  • No Risk. Cancel Anytime.

If you don’t wish to receive any physical materials, you can try our online community and find women who are now or have been where you are and can provide a place for you to talk and vent and let it all out. You can also ask questions and share your own insights and wisdom with others. That’s the cool thing about this community. Even though you may feel weak, you can still offer a word of encouragement to someone else. That’s part of the healing, too. Sharing your wisdom with others makes you stronger and makes you reinforce your own healing. Sometimes we know what we should do, but in the middle of our pain, we forget. By suggesting solutions to someone else, we see them more clearly for ourselves.


We also want to note that in our 10-year history we’ve never once made a profit from our materials or our community.  We’ve built this for you to get the life back you’ve been dreaming of.  It’s our mission and our passion!


“I understand completely the ups and downs. It feels awful to be strong one minute and then a basket of tears the next. May I just say, its been 7 months since my tsunami of a divorce, and if it weren’t for talking with you all, I would not be as healed as I am. It is so very helpful to be able to express my true feelings and have others understand, exactly.”   S.C.

“The past 10 weeks have been very difficult but made so much easier with your calm, supportive and witty words. Your site is a treasure and I will share it with all going through what I’ve been through. Just wanted to thank you for being my angel here on earth! Much love,” D.


“Thank you so much for helping us dumpees. I read your words every day, and a little each day I’m climbing out of the dark hole of sadness. Keep doing your thing. You’re making a difference in our lives. God bless you.” B.


“Suzy – After a 32 year marriage, my divorce was final in late Dec. Since I just couldn’t seem to move on – even with lots of therapy – a friend suggested your book. WOW! Why didn’t I have this sooner? I believe you really saved my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” J.


“I feel like you reached inside my heart and my mind and captured the feelings that have been swirling around in there for many years now. The emotional roller coaster is unreal and so very hard to explain to someone who’s not been there.”


“Everyone’s story or situation is different, but there is a common thread that connects everyone on this site.”


“This book (Radical Recovery)  will shake you out of your lethargy, knock you out of your bitterness, and bounce you out of your self-pity parties. If you want something that is pie-in-the-sky and full of pleasant theories, skip this book. If you want to get better, you have come to the right place.” D.K.


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