“Remember that the life forces can work within you only as you live within today’s conditions. Start the juice of life flowing through you by acting vigorously on things that are at hand.”
  From 10 Days to a Great New Life by William E. Edwards

I think all of us after divorce want to get to “…a Great New Life” as Mr. Edwards puts it.  But to get the life we want, we have to start with today. This new day. This-gift-of-God day. Even if we hate some of the things that are happening in this day, it is still the only day we have, and we can’t change anything about our circumstances unless we start with this day.

Staying in bed with the covers over our head won’t make the tough stuff go away. Sitting around moping and complaining won’t help. Wishing that things were better won’t make them better. To have the new life we want we have to start by appreciating and grabbing today with all of its harsh reality and its beautiful potential.

Sometimes when I was struggling through those early days of my midlife divorce, I thought I had to fix the rest of my life. I worried about too many things that were way down the road. (We must make wise plans for the future; but we don’t have to fix our whole life today.)

All we have to do is face this one day the best we can. Live this one day with gusto and gratitude. You don’t have to formulate a life-long health plan. Just eat joyously and healthily today. You can’t put $10,000 in savings today, but you can decide to take a cup of coffee from home instead of stopping on the way to work and paying $3.50 and putting the difference in your money jar.

Whatever you have to do today, do it with gusto and appreciation and peace. Today’s the only place you can start to make the changes you need to make to get where you want to be. So let’s all live today! Let’s enjoy and work with all our heart at what we must do today and not only will our day be good, but our life will be going in the direction we want!

“Each day is God’s gift … Make the most of each one! Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily!”
Ecclesiastes 9a;10 (The Message)


Part of the “Good” you can do today is to get help.  Call me for one-on-one mentoring or go to www.midlifedivorcerecovery.com to sign up for the RADiCAL MasterPlan or get the Divorce Survival Kit.  Or just join us in the MDRcommunity.  You’re in charge of today.  Do what is best for you with joy and peace and with the expectation that your future will be all you want it to be.  Using today to take steps in the direction you want makes all the difference.  Call if I can help in any way.  816-941-4911.

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