During your midlife divorce, the sun will still come up every day. What are you going to do with the day you are given? It’s your choice.

This I Know For Sure…

That the sun will come out tomorrow and the tomorrow after that and so on and so on. I know it’s a line from a song, but it’s true. It’s simply a fact and even though it may be hidden behind the clouds, the sun is still there. I say that because going through a divorce, no matter what stage of the process you are in, every 24 hours we are granted a new day (just like everyone else on this earth – divorced or not). We don’t often have a choice of what comes at us in those 24 hours, but how we respond to it is so vitally important.

I will admit that there are days that I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to face the world, I don’t want to look in the mirror, I don’t want to deal with the pain that seems to have such a stronghold over my life at times. BUT, when I decide to take charge of my day (to the best of my ability), things seem to go just a little bit better. I can choose to stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself or I can crawl out of bed and into my workout clothes and go for a run around the block. I can choose to shelter myself from friends and family or I can pick up the phone and invite someone out to breakfast. I’m not saying it’s easy to do the latter, but it sure does make me feel better at the end of the day, knowing that I put one foot in front of the other and chose to have some amount of control over my day. I can go to bed at night knowing that the sun will rise in the morning and I will once again have a choice as to how I will deal with and respond to the next 24 hours. The sun will rise and I choose to shine.

Guest Blog submitted by Denita

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