“Either you let your life slip away by not doing the things you want to do, or you get up and do them.”   Carl Ally (Hard-hitting, high-flying advertising guru)

In a Book about creativity called “A Kick in the Seat of the Pants,” author Roger von Oech talks about the Warrior in each of us. The Warrior in us is the action part of who we are. The Warrior takes an idea, a “what if,” and makes it happen. A Warrior is bold. A Warrior is confident and follows through with her course of action. Today, I’m going to visualize myself as a Warrior. In fact, in my book, Radical Recovery, I talk about becoming a Warrior Woman.

Let’s set a goal and go after it. Whether it’s to get in better shape, or go back to school, or get some job training for a new work opportunity, or to just grab hold of a new interest we have discovered, let’s quit prissing around and do something today to make it happen.  And do something tomorrow and the next day. I’ve found that if a goal also has the merit of being good for us or good for our community or good for someone, it’s easier to get motivated to get moving.

A Warrior Woman doesn’t just sit around wishing things were different or better. She MAKES them better …. so let’s all be Warrior Women today about something. About something good. Like Dr. Barrie Director of Christian Psychological Services in Lawrence, KS said at a Kansas City RADiCAL Boot Camp, “Imagine yourself with a machete in your hand and cut your path!” Our midlife divorce instead of being a great catastrophe, might be just the motivation we need to accomplish things we never thought possible!

And remember this:  ” … the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior …”   Jeremiah 20:11a  and this one, too:  “The battle belongs to the Lord.”

We have God himself to give us courage.  And a whole “army” full of other RADiCAL women to stand with us.  Those to facts alone should propel us forward as Warrior Women ourselves.  Don’t forget to try the WonderWoman pose we talked about in the blog yesterday.  Take up as much space as you can for two minutes:  Hands on your hips; legs shoulder-width apart, shoulders back, head up.  Take some deep breaths and take advantage of all the support you have within and without.  Feel the anxiety be released.  Feel the power  and courage take it’s place.  Then go boldly forward.

I want to ask you begin your training now! Write down the kind of woman you are going to be in the comment section below. It’s important to start thinking in terms of what you want to be and who you want to be.

And you must ban all those Naughty, Naughty words from your vocabulary… I can’t…I shouldn’t…I’m worried that … I fear that … I doubt that … I don’t believe that … Never … No way … Impossible.”

That’s from Enough, Dammit: A cynic’s guide to finally getting what you want out of life.
By Karen Salmansohn.

Do it! Tell us what you want to get out of your life!