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We call our community – MDR Community.

It’s a safe, secure, comforting community of Women who get it.

Women who are going to battle and push their way through this and in the process become wiser and more beautiful and more fulfilled and content and more loved than ever.

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Topics Directly From The Community

  • “Doesn’t your wasband just piss you off sometimes?”

  • “What to do at 4am.”

  • “Trying to release bitterness.”

  • “Need advice for court mediation day!”

  • “What am I doing to myself?”

  • “I miss sex!!”

  • “Will I ever get an apology?”

Response From The Community

“You are certainly very normal. There are days when we are able to stand strong and push the pain and hurt back out of our path…and then there are the other days when the pain and hurt wash over us in waves. Looking for simple answers just does not work…there are no simple answers. Betrayal of your trust and faith is painful.

Feeling that is very normal. It is okay to feel the things you feel. Cry when you are sad, sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, the list could go on and on. My point is to feel what you are feeling. Remember that you need to take things one little step at a time. Reach out for friends when you are not strong enough to stand alone.

Ask for prayers for strength and courage. You are not alone. This site is full of women who have been hurt equally badly and they are there to listen and support you. You are in my prayers!!!!”

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