Ready to take your life and your recovery to the next level?

“Your Heart’s Desires” conference is your chance to meet other women on the divorce journey. Women who are just starting out, women have who fought the battles and won, women who made it their mission to help those struggling with divorce.

To start things off on Friday night, you’ll hear from Barbie Farnan. She will graciously share her amazing RADiCAL story of recovery and transformation. You’ll be inspired…believe me!

You’ll hear from amazing keynote speakers, such as:

  • Cathy Newton – Motivational Speaker & Author
    • Has inspired business leaders, medical professionals, and educators for more than 20 years, with her stories, humor and amazing spirit.
    • Teaching us how to exercise our “risk-taking muscles.” You’ll learn how to develop the head, heart and guts for purposeful risk-taking.
    • Leave with the strategies to take actions you know you should take and have always wanted to.
  • Pam Davenport
    • Stay at home mom turned experienced triathlete coach, yoga instructor and nutrition coach.
    • Author of “Exercising Values” that shows you how to have more energy and confidence, and using that to feel better and more optimistic about the future.
    • “A little more, a little better” is her philosophy of success she will share with us.
  • Rev. Cheryl Bell
    • “The Spirit @ Work: God IS with us!”
    • An engineer by trade, this feisty woman shares her RADiCAL story and how finding your spiritual center changes everything for good.
  • Diane Breneman – Attorney
    • Gives us practical tools for finding peace in the middle of any storm.
    • Cultivate empowerment through peace using her proven and easy-to-implement meditation practices.

Plus you’ll meet women who not that long ago were in the middle of the pain you’re feeling right now. There will be a panel of RADiCAL women who share their stories and invite questions and discussion.

Also, at lunch there will be table discussions led by RADiCAL women.

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Your Heart’s Desires
Leawood, KS
(Suburb of Greater Kansas City)
February 13th-14th, 2015