The Divorce Survival Kit – First aid to help you stop obsessing about him (or them) and start focusing on you and learning how to create your own amazing life

Your ex-husband has moved on … he’s probably having a grand ‘ol time.  Do you want to keep whimpering and sniveling around feeling defeated and discouraged?

  • Trouble moving on

You can’t stop thinking about him and the fun he’s having. You keep reliving all the moments of the marriage.  Your thoughts are more about your past than about your future.

  • Rejection and hurt

You feel like a failure and keep asking…”What did I do wrong? Was I so bad he threw away our marriage and our family?”  I felt dumb, fat and ugly even though that’s not what I saw in the mirror.  Your self esteem is probably in the toilet, too.

  • Overwhelm and Exhaustion

You’re so exhausted and confused by all the changes and decisions that you are faced with that you don’t know where to begin. And to top it off, you’re probably not sleeping well or eating right.

  • Unbearable Loneliness

You think no one really understands. No one really cares. He’s moved on and is doing fine. Friends and family don’t get it, and you feel like everyone else is at a party and you didn’t get invited.

  • Fear and Anxiety

You wonder, “How am I going to support myself?  Will I have to move?  Will anyone ever love me again? What if the kids like her better or want to live with him?  How can I survive this?” 

We designed this kit because we’ve been where you are. We want you to learn to appreciate and take of yourself first, and let him go.  We connect you with women who understand. We help you grab hold of the good things in your life every day.  And we give you tools to move forward with fewer tears, less kicking and screaming, and fewer sleepless nights. We will be here to help you GET THROUGH THIS.

And the Divorce Survival Kit is our

“What is the Divorce Survival Kit and what do I get?”

A 90-Day program and package of resources created to offer relief
from the overwhelming agony, confusion and hopeless feelings of divorce.

Yes, I want to Stop the Hurt and Start the Healing Now!

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We want your wasband to look at you and say, “Wow!  What was I thinking?”  But we want you to be having such a great life that you don’t care what he’s thinking!  The Divorce Survival Kit can help you get to that place.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the Divorce Survival Kit that if you don't feel like the resources or the program are working for you. You can return them within the first 30 days and we will completely refund your entire payment. No questions, no gimmicks, no hassles.
  • Make the choice to move forward.

  • Make the choice to start feeling better right now.

  • Give us 90-Days to prove that you will get through this and be stronger because of it.

  • Understand that your life will be not just good again, but really, really good!

What's Your Choice

Yes, I want to Stop the Hurt and Start the Healing Now!

Click Here to get your Divorce Survival Kit

Frequently asked questions.

How much will this cost?

We’ve priced the Survival Kit so that nearly any woman can take advantage of it and start building your best life going forward. How much does an hour of counseling cost? How many books and CDs would you have to buy that possibly don’t even work? How much time and energy would it take to try and figure this out on your own? You’ve got enough on your plate! Every hour you waste stuck in the pain is an hour you’re not moving forward. The value of everything offered in the program is $685.00.

But we made The Divorce Survival Kit available for $189.  Remember: it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t think our resources and the community of women have helped you move forward on the recovery process, you can call us at 816-941-4911, return the kit within the first 30 days, and we will send your money back.

Will this work for me?

The Divorce Survival Kit is not magic. But when women follow the program, positive change happens. We have seen women teetering on the edge of complete and utter devastation create amazing, adventurous, fulfilling and fun lives. Each divorce is different, but if you have the guts to do the work and take control of your own life, you’ll find healing and a great new life, too. Women of all shapes and sizes – rural, urban, young, old, stay at home moms, corporate executives, artists, teachers, opera singers are using our materials. They helped them.  They will help you, too.

How is this product delivered to me?

All the physical materials are shipped to you based on the shipping option you choose. When you purchase the product you will also be taken to our online MDRcommunity where you create your username and password. The online community is available 24/7 and has hundreds of conversations between women who have been where you are now. The digital materials will be delivered to you via email immediately following your purchase.

What if I have more questions?

Call us at 816-941-4911 or email us at [email protected].


“Even though you don’t know me personally I hope to someday soon write to you about how our lives crossed paths. For now I just want to say you literally saved my life. I feel as if you are beside me encouraging me every day. The emotions, information you write (including personal notes and emails) and the information from the Boot camp CD have made my new, unexpected life easier. Your support is priceless. Somehow it is comforting knowing that someone else is walking in my shoes.
I thank God and you for being there for me.”
Pamela H.
“Finding your website was a Godsend!!! I ordered your book and literally could not put it down. My husband of 25 years walked out on New Year’s Eve this past year. I feel like I could have written your book because it describes every single thing I have been and will be going through.
I just wanted to say thank you. Your daily blogs are like a shot in the arm for every day. Again thank you so much for your honesty and tremendous insight.”
Sharlene R.

Yes, I want to Stop the Hurt and Start the Healing Now!

Click Here to get your Divorce Survival Kit