About Grady Sullivan

As a late adolescent / young adult child of divorce and as a partner at Midlife Divorce Recovery, Grady has become a voice on divorce from the child's perspective. Grady was married two years ago in New York City and loves traveling to Europe with his wife Cristina.

Life Satisfaction & Resilience Survey


Dear Midlife Divorce Recovery tribe, We were recently contacted by a doctoral student who is studying the life satisfaction and resilience of women after divorce for her dissertation. We are excited that we are in a place where we can potentially help her and the world at large better understand the impacts of divorce

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How Does Divorce Affect Children?


What a complicated question! There are hundreds of books dedicated to this very question and obviously most parents are very concerned about the effects of divorce on children. I however prefer to think of it a little differently. Instead of reading about what’s going to “happen” to your children, I believe it’s more important

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