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If you are newly separated, divorced or in the process, you’re probably already worried about, or even dreading, the holidays. Everything gets complicated. You may be sad and overwhelmed and exhausted already, but more than ever, you want to make the Holidays special.

All of the Winter Holidays are going to be different. You may be with your children for only half of the day, or splitting up the whole school break.  Divorce and CoVid restrictions could mean that you will be with just a few friends or even alone on a holiday.

Plan now and make your holidays good and fun and more meaningful than ever.  Try completely new ways to celebrate!  Find ways to incorporate old traditions to fit your new situation. 

lavender package

For when your kids may be with your ex on your special Holiday…

Pamper Yourself –  Soothing lavender with a touch of basil and rosemary combine in a rich lotion, shower gel, and body butter plus bath salts, eye mask, pumice stone and mesh sponge complete the luxury package.  A spa gift sure to make you feel relaxed, refreshed and loved. ($69.99, 1800baskets)

good riddance

For when you don’t know what to do about Holiday cards this year …

Think Outside the Box – Send New Year’s Cards! – Everyone is ready to celebrate a New Year!  I particularly like the one that says “Good Riddance to 2020” … or “Cheers to New Beginnings and Great Adventures in 2021.”  Choose a picture that makes you smile and encourages others. (~$2.09 ea, Shutterfly)

harry and david

For when you want a ready-made feast … traditional or something new!

Enjoy delicious time together! –  Surprise your family or let them help decide … traditional holiday fare or something totally new … seafood, Italian, rustic pot pies, turkey, ham, prime rib, etc.  Whatever you decide, have fun enjoying each other instead of cooking!  ($30+, Harry & David)

arbor day

For when you want to make a positive difference in our world …

Plant a tree –  Buy a tree in honor of someone else or buy a seedling for everyone on your list! Each tree you purchase also donates a tree to be planted where it’s needed after the fires this year. Celebrate a loved one or a pet and replant a forest for the good of all!  ($32.00, Arbor Day Foundation)


For when you want to make something fun and delicious …

Start Building Memories – The “Wilson Build It Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread Decorating Kit.” One of the “Top 10 Gingerbread House kits,” this kit provides family fun and everything you need to build & decorate four small holiday houses.  ($38.07, Amazon)

star mother

For when you want a simple, heartwarming Christmas book to read aloud and share…

Choose a meaningful, easy-to-read classic – You will fall in love with this delightful story, especially this year!  I bought every family in my extended family a copy to read aloud at Christmas.  Beautifully written & illustrated and keeps the attention of little ones too! ($8.95, Amazon)


For when you want to give a lasting, unique, gift this year …

Bonsai! – Start a fun, lifelong hobby with the ancient art of bonsai.  This one-of-a-kind gift can be addictive and inspires the wonder of a living tree that can be decades old and still fit on a coffee table!  A great conversation piece!  (From $24.95, Bonsai Boy)


For when you want a perfect gift for teens or anyone with a phone  …

Give some phone fun –  A perfect gift for the young and young-at-heart! Hundreds of options from inspirational, nature, funky, wild, anime, science etc themes. Or give a gift certificate and let them choose their own.  Easy for you!  Fun for everyone!!  (From $45, Casetify)

gravity blanket 1

For when you want to actually “sleep in heavenly peace”  here on earth …

Try gravity  – A Time Magazine “Best Invention of 2018!” – This gravity throw blanket relaxes your nervous system while reducing anxiety and providing deeper sleep, giving you the rest you need!  The best gift you can give yourself or anyone this year especially!   (From $79.99, Gravity Blankets)

Hanukkah gift

For when you want to send Hanukkah Greetings from a safe distance…

Light up your neighborhood – Since we may have to limit our indoor celebrations this year, share with friends and family these Hanukkah Gift Boxes with lights in blue and white that will shine your holiday good cheer from your house to the whole neighborhood!  ($69.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)


For when you want to give a one-of-a kind amazing gift for any winter holiday…

Create a book of your own – You have a life vision to share!  You can create a personal book of pictures of nature, happy times or inspirations to guide the reader forward.  Share your creative, positive, uplifting pictures and thoughts in a book you design yourself!  (From $49, Blurb)

mint lily

For when you want to inspire, thank, encourage a friend, daughter, mother, dad … anyone this holiday…

Make them cry – Engraved bracelets and necklaces with messages of power, inspiration and gratitude available for everyone on your list.  Simple, sophisticated fashion accents to wear everyday or on the fanciest occasions.  A gift they will cherish forever. ($29.00 – mint & lily)

puppet hut

For when you want a fun puppet for any kid’s holiday celebration…

Get kids’ imaginations going and growing – A perfect Kwanza, Hanukkah, or Christmas gift for that special child on your list. Encourages role playing and communication. Get a couple for fun, silly and meaningful interactions!  ($29.95, PuppetHut)

Screen Shot 2020 12 07 at 10.15.32

For when you want a Kwanzaa Pillow to brighten up a room…

Make a Statement – Printed, Soft, Square 18” x 18” velvet pillow for indoor sofa, bedroom, car or wherever you want to make a fun, powerful and proud decorating statement.  ($8.99, Amazon)

old time candy

For when you want to sweeten the holidays for anyone of any age…

Buy any decade!  Yummy, original gift packages of candy from any decade. Remember candy from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Your parents might remember ‘30s or ‘40s sweets.  Buy each member of the family a box of candy from their favorite decade!  Unique. Fun. Delicious!  ($30.99, OldTimeCandy.com)

2020 ornaments

For when you want a holiday ornament appropriate for 2020…

Bah! Humbug To 2020!  Toilet Paper, Hand sanitizer, and other Pandemic-themed tree Ornaments. A light-hearted way to remember this challenging year for everyone.  We will all be talking about 2020 for the rest of our lives! A memory forever.  ($15.00 and less, Ornament Shop)

bottle trees

For when you want a yard decoration to celebrate any holiday…

Catch the Light – This Freestyle Bottle Tree is a unique, creative yard decoration for everyone.  No two are exactly alike.  A conversation starter at your front door or to brighten up your back yard.  Guaranteed to please.  Other styles available   ($89.95, BottleTree)

PS: We’ve spent time finding things that will help during the holidays, but if you purchase, Midlife Divorce Recovery may get something in return.

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