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Valerie Keene graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arkansas School of Law, was a finalist in the 2014 National Moot Court Competition, and participated in the Arkansas Law Review. She is a licensed attorney who primarily practices family law and estate planning. She is a regular contributor to several legal sites and her prolific writing career has focused on law, finance and business.

Divorce Because Of Mental Illness


Dealing with a spouse who has a mental illness can be an extremely difficult undertaking. Many couples wind up filing for divorce due to mental health problems when a spouse can no longer tolerate the blowback caused by mental illness, such as abuse, infidelity, impulsivity, substance abuse, or financial mismanagement. Read on to learn

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How To Handle The Mortgage After Divorce


Dealing with a divorce with mortgage is a little more complicated than a no-property divorce. Your home may be the most valuable asset that you own together. It may also have sentimental value to you as being your first home or where your children grew up. You and your spouse will have to either

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Can A Power Of Attorney File For Divorce?


A power of attorney is a legal document that gives a trusted person, called the “agent,” the ability to perform certain tasks on your behalf. While you can often use a power of attorney to help with various aspects of divorce, the answer to “Can a power of attorney file for divorce?” is usually

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Social Security & Disability After Divorce


Many spouses who are disabled or who are married to someone who is disabled have many questions about disability benefits, divorce, and disability benefits. Spouses may pose questions to their attorneys like “I am disabled and my husband wants a divorce. What do I do?” or “Can my ex wife get my Social Security

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Ex-Husband Won’t Pay Child Support


If you have searched for “my ex isn’t paying court-ordered child support,” you are far from alone. Back in 2017, it was estimated that $10 billion in court-ordered child support was not being collected - and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic that left millions of non-custodial parents unemployed. The U.S. Census reports that

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Can You Disinherit A Spouse After Divorce?


After getting a divorce, many spouses want to disinherit their ex and remove them from fiduciary duties, such as being named as the executor of your will or the agent in your power of attorney. The rules regarding disinheriting your spouse after a divorce vary by where you live and the terms of your

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How To File For Divorce Online


The Internet has made it easier than ever to get legal services in a variety of practice areas. Some states make it even easier for divorcing couples by allowing options for filing for divorce online. Additionally, some states have expanded their options for conducting legal business over the phone and internet due to the

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Health Insurance After Divorce


Divorce is an emotionally devastating time. Compounding the emotional distress are additional challenges brought on by divorce, including worrying about health insurance. Many people are tied to their spouse’s insurance from work, so when they get a divorce they worry about how they will protect their health to treat a chronic condition or what

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What Is Legal Separation? (Separation vs. Divorce)


Legal separation is a process in which a married couple formally separates in a way that the court recognizes. Legal separation has many legal implications and is different from a divorce because the couple is still technically married. Read on to learn about the differences between legal separation and divorce. Why Separation? In some

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